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We live in 1 world in 1 Universe. For every choice we make in our lives, another universe is created in a different dimension to follow the choice we did not take. In the universe of which was created by that other choice, you make another choice, and another universe is created from the other choice. Millions, Billions, Trillions and endless amounts of Universes exist, and in each universe things are different from an other, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Our choices affect the universe we live in and the other universes created. So many different dimensions exist, its time for Voku to discover them.




Main Character




Name: Voku

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Duel Teacher-Training Student.

Deck: Virtual Server Deck

Back Story: Voku is studying at the Duel Sanctuary in London, United Kingdom. He has been a top notch duelist in his life and has a unique Server Deck created by his uncle who works for Industrial Illusions.






Hikoko is Voku’s pet Cyber-Squirrel. Hikoko has the power of speech due to his Cyber helmet created by Dr. Vingeni.


The Dr.


Name: Dr. Vingeni

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Occupation: Duel Sanctuary Teacher and Scientist.

Deck: Currently Unknown

Back Story: Dr. Vingeni works for the Duel Sanctuary as teacher of Science dueling. He has become world famous for some of his inventions such as the Animal speech adaptor, the bio-android configuration and the creator of various objects which can distort time and space.


The Loathed Professor


Name: Professor Norton

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Occupation: Duel Sanctuary Teacher

Deck: Currently Unknown

Back Story: Professor Norton teaches the teacher training course at the Duel Sanctuary.






The world Voku lives in is in a different dimension to ours, to us it will be known as the Cyber Dimension. Earth in this dimension is in the same year, 2008, yet it has advanced much further in technology, and the world is like an alien fantasy planet, taller buildings then in our world, city’s and city’s crammed together, flying cars, aliens, robots, hoverboards and talking animals.


Voku lives in London yet it’s a technologically advanced future London, but some landmarks from our world are there.



Advancements in Dueling


In Voku’s world, dueling and duel monsters is the same as in our world, huge, worldwide and popular, yet in Voku’s world it is taken more seriously, it’s the main reason of life for many.


There are many advancements in dueling in Voku’s world, such as new shaped duel disks, a lot of more / different monsters, new monster types and subtypes and new types of summoning.



Virtual Monsters and Virtual Summoning


Voku the main character uses a Virtual Deck, which consists of virtual monsters. They are a new Subtype of monster in this dimension and it involves new game play and a new type of summoning. [/align]


[spoiler= Rules and Guidelines Regarding Virtual Monsters]


Virtual Monsters


Sub-Type = Virtual


Summon = Virtual Summon


Virtual Monsters have a unique ability to make themselves virtual, in the sense you can see them, but they are not really there.


You Normal / Flip / Special Summon them to start with, then while on the field during any turn after of which its been Summoned, you can Virtual Summon it to make it become Virtual.


Instead of ATK / DEF position, when you Virtual Summon your monster it is in Virtual Position. To tell if it is in Virtual Position you place a special ‘Virtual Position Counter’ on the card, which counter can only be removed from the card by re-summoning it.


While in Virtual Position, it cannot attack and it cannot be attacked, but it gains an effect.


In order to allow it to attack and be attacked you have to Normal Summon it during the following turn.


If all the monsters on your field are in Virtual Position, your opponent can attack your Life Points directly, so it’s best not to put them all in Virtual Position at once.


There are also a few Spell Cards that allow you to Normal and Virtual Summon earlier and also let you attack or be attacked while in the Virtual Position.


A Virtual Summon can only be conducted in Main Phase 1.



Disadvantages to being in Virtual Mode


1. You cannot attack with the monster.

2. It takes a turn in order to Normal Summon it for attacking purposes.

3. If all your monsters are Virtual, then your opponent can attack directly.



Advantages to being in Virtual Mode


1. Your monster cannot be attacked.

2. Your monster gains an effect.

3. After you summon it again, the following turn you can re-Virtual Summon it to allow its effect to activate again in most cases.


Now here’s just a summary of Rule for Virtual Monsters;



Virtual Monster Rules


- Can only be Virtual Summoned in Main Phase 1.

- Can only be Virtual Summoned the turn after it is Normal Summoned / Summoned.

- Cannot attack or be attacked while in Virtual Position.

- If all monsters on your field are in Virtual Position, your opponent can attack directly.

- Can still be destroyed by Card effects while in Virtual Position.



Basic OCG overview


This is how the OCG looks like for a Virtual Monster.


While this card is face-up on the field, you can Virtual Summon it to change this card to Virtual Position. While this card is in Virtual Position, during your opponent’s Standby Phase inflict 100 damage to your opponent for each card in his/her hand. You can Normal Summon this card after 1 turn has passed while in Virtual Position.



Note that the OCG does not state that it cannot be attacked / attack;


This is because it is an overall general rule for the Virtual Monsters, much like why you don’t see stated on Fusion monsters that you must use Polymerization to fuse monsters on a card like ‘Blue-Eyes ultimate’, or that Level 6 monsters requires 1 tribute in general cases to be Summoned.











Section 1 - Translucent Minds

Section 1 - Translucent Minds





[spoiler= Chapter 1 - Virtual Server]


Chapter 1 - Virtual Server



“Wake up Voku, get up”


Hikoko was slapping Voku on the head using his bushy tail.


“What time is it, get off and stop slapping me already”


“Why? Its rather fun”


“Oi”, Voku sat up, stretched his arms and stared at his alarm clock. “Oh, so its nearly 9am, Hikoko what time is my appointment?”


“At about 9:01am”


“Come again?”


“Well your not the only one who overslept”, Hikoko said with a cheeky grin across his face.




Having to get washed, dressed and fed within the quickest time possible is no easy task, especially for Voku, who spent nearly 5 minutes styling his hair.


“Hurry up you fool, your hair doesn’t matter right now”


“I’m coming already, right what did I need to bring again?”


“You tell me your ment to be starting studying and yet you cannot even remember something rather simple.” Voku stared at Hikoko with a blank expression, Hikoko replied with a raised eyebrow, “Your College grades, Deck and those few forms, now gather them and lets go"


“Hikoko you do know we cannot take pets to classes and appointments”


“Well am I your friend?”


“Of course you are but”


“Well then, I’m sure you will bring me”


“You can be a right pain sometimes, you know that”


“Certainly”, Hikoko said while giving Voku a rather wide cheery smile.




Voku found Hikoko when Hikoko was only a baby squirrel, about 2 years previously. Hikoko was stranded and alone in the woodlands, separated from his mother, lost and alone when Voku stumbled across him and took him home to look after him. It was 4 months later that Dr. Vingeni, a family friend, had created a successful device to give animals the power of speech, the mind and life of a human, but to still remain an animal. Dr. Vingeni was happy to give Voku one of the devices for Hikoko, which brought them two together and made them best friends ever since.




“Which way Hikoko”, Hikoko’s head popped out of Voku’s rucksack of which he was hiding in. Voku thought best to keep him there as he was sure that they would not allow animal friends into the Duel Sanctuary.


“Oh, a fork, Erm, I believe its to the left down that street”


“I cannot believe we don’t know the quickest route”


Voku, with Hikoko secured in his rucksack ran as fast as he could down an old cobbled street, one of the very few old fashioned streets left in Voku’s world.


Voku had an appointment with a lecturer for the Teacher Training course that Voku would soon be starting at the Duel Sanctuary. The Duel Sanctuary is the name given to a grand University in London. At the Duel Sanctuary you can take courses involving the game of Duel Monsters. Voku finished school when he was 16 and studied some dueling subjects at Duelist College. He received high grades, good enough grades to let him take a Teacher Training course at the Duel Sanctuary. Voku dreams of becoming a Duel Teacher, so obviously the course is fitting.


“Voku it’s over there”, Hikoko’s head had popped out again.


“In which case get back in the bag”




“I am so sorry I’m late, on my way here this women collapsed in the street and I had to call the Robomedics and make sure she was like ok”


Voku has just entered Professor Norton’s room. Professor Norton was filling in some paperwork while sitting behind his floating glass desk (A large slab of glass freely suspended in air, they are common in this world) in a small room with a large arch shaped window overlooking the marble courtyard below. Professor Norton was a middle aged man, with sleek black hair, a rather stern stuck up expression across his face and he was dressed in an electric blue suit with an illuminating orange tie.


“It’s 9:32, your 31 minutes late, and I don’t really buy your story, but nevertheless, you’re here now and I would rather have our appointment then attend this paperwork, sit down”.


Voku sat in a large black leather chair opposite Professor Norton, carefully placing his rucksack on the floor so Hikoko would not make a squeal of complain, and handed his forms and Grades to the Professor.


It took a good few minutes of checking over the forms before Professor Norton finally spoke, “Yes everything seems to be in order. You have the grades necessary to take the course, and the skill, I will quickly write you a timetable of your lessons and lectures and dueling practises was this starter week”.


“Can I just ask, is the professor who will be teaching me in classes any good, I heard from some people he is rather moody and is just generally a pain, and from other stuff I have heard he doesn’t sound nice at all”


“Seeing as I will am that professor you speak of, and the Teacher Trainer professor, I would have to say he is nice, mainly to those that look-up to him”, and he gave Voku a twisted smile, while Voku froze with embarrassment of the fact he had just insulted his future teacher. “I look forward to teaching you Voku; I can tell we will get on like a house. On Fire”




“Like I was to know he would be teaching me”


“Well either way, you were insulting a colleague of his weren’t you”, Hikoko said through the space in the rucksack zip. Voku was walking down a corridor of the Sanctuary after having received his timetable from Professor Norton, still feeling embarrassed and stupid at even mentioning the thing in the first place.


“Hikoko look its Dr. Vingeni”, Hikoko popped his head out briefly to look, “I knew I would run into him here, Hey Dr. Vingeni!”


Dr. Vingeni, an elderly man, is a world famous scientist and also a professor at the Duel Sanctuary. He wore a large white laboratory coat with blue buttons and a pair of metal healed crimson Red boots.

“Ah Voku, good to see you again good to see you, I heard from your uncle you were coming to study here, and teacher training as well, such a bright young man you are, how is Hikoko doing?”


“I’m doing fine thank you”, Hikoko said through the rucksack.


“I brought him with me, and the rucksack was the only place to put him really”


“That’s quite understandable Voku, when I gave you the devices for Hikoko I knew you two would become inseparable, glad your ok Hikoko. Well now you’re here with me Voku, I was wondering whether or not you can assist me in something”


“Sure what is it Dr.?”


“Well I am on my way to cover a starter lesson for the other teacher training students, the ones in the other group to you that started 2 days ago. Well since Professor Norton is doing interviews today I’m having to cover, anyway I was wondering if I could use you in a demonstration, a tester Duel for the students to watch and learn from, I know how good you are Voku, and how much of a unique Deck you have and I would be delighted to let others see your skills”


“It’s an obvious answer, of course, I’m game for it”


“Splendid, follow me then”




“So class, although I am only covering I can still teach you a thing of two about dueling, I have here another Duelist who is from the other Teacher Training class, and I need a volunteer to Duel him, you must only volunteer if you think and truly believe you have the skill, as Voku here, is one tough cookie”


“I will Duel Dr. Vingeni”, the tall dark haired male raised his hand.


“Splendid and your name is young man?”


“My name is Aradian”


“And what makes you think you can beat Voku here?”


“You can always tell how good someone is by their appearance, they say never judge books by their covers, but I know different, and Voku appears to be wearing odd shoes, seems to be sweating and also looks like he just got out of bed”


“Your not wrong there”, Hikoko quietly muttered in the rucksack.


“Well then” said Dr. Vingeni, “You will certainly learn some things today”


Aradian stood up and stepped over to the right of the lecture room where there was a large space for dueling. Voku and Dr. Vingeni followed and the class turned in their automatic movable chairs to face the dueling arena.


“Begin when you’re ready, and good luck both of you”



---------------------- Format Shift - Duel Mode ----------------------




Aradian - You ready Mr. Oddshoe?


Voku - Indeed Mr. Cocky-stuck-up-know-it-all


Dr. Vingeni - Gentlemen please, stick to the dueling.


Aradian - Duel Disk Activate (The Duel Disk on Aradian’s arm responds, flips out, connects and activates)


Voku - Duel Disk Activate (The Duel Disk on Voku’s arm responds, flips out, connects and activates)


Duel Disks activate and become ready to use for Dueling by voice command





-------------- Life Point Counter Format --------------


Voku’s Life Points < 0 > Aradian’s Life Points





Voku - I will go first


(Voku Draws)


I will Normal Summon this, ‘Keito, Server Enforcer’.


(Keito is summoned)





And I will place a face-down (Face-down placed) and I will end my turn.



Aradian - I have never seen that monster before, must be new, anyway.


(Aradian draws)


I summon ‘Spear Dragon’ (ATK: 1900)


(Speak Dragon is summoned)


And I shall activate the Spell Card ‘Pot of Greed’ to draw 2 cards.


Sadly in this world, Pot of Greed takes 800 points to activate


(Draws 2 cards)


Now Spear Dragon attack!


(Spear Dragon launches forward)


Voku - As always with the attacking, activate Trap Card ‘Negate Attack’ which as of course you know, stops your attack and ends your Battle Phase.


Aradian - Such a common move, but I had to dispose of your Trap.


Voku - and how did you know it was an attack negation Trap.


Aradian - Because it’s an obvious first move, only fools do that. I end my turn.


Voku - My turn then (Voku Draws)


Now I Normal Summon ‘Razzi, Server Enforcer’.


(Razzi is summoned)





Now I activate the Field Spell Card, ‘Virtual Space’.


(The Dueling field becomes surrounded by Space, stars and cosmic swirls of gases)




Aradian - Virtual Space? I have never heard of that card.


Voku - You have never heard of this Deck that’s why, its unique, very unique.


And I will show you how unique right now.


I Virtual Summon my ‘Keito, Server Enforcer’.


Aradian - Virtual Summon, what on earths that?


Voku - This is;


(Keito becomes surrounded in Light)


Keito is a unique monster type known as a Virtual Monster. Virtual monsters can do a special type of summon known as a Virtual Summon, after they have been on the field for at least 1 turn they can do so. Its good and its bad, while a Virtual Monster is in Virtual Position, which is what it’s in now it’s been Virtual Summoned, my monster gains an effect, also your monsters cannot attack it during your Battle Phase. The downside is I cannot attack with it while it is in Virtual Position, its all about the Strategy.


So while ‘Keito’ is in Virtual Position, I can increase the attack of another Virtual Monster by 400, so I shall increase my ‘Razzi’s’ attack points by 400.


(Razzi’s attack raised to 2000)


Not only that, but when I Virtual Summon a Virtual Monster I can add a Virtual Counter to my Field Spell.


(A football sized flying disk appears in the air above them)


Now go, ‘Razzi’ attack his ‘Spear Dragon’.


(Razzi runs fly’s forward, strikes and destroys Spear Dragon)


Aradian - Unbelievable, an entire new monster type and an entire new way to summon monsters, and all of it escaped my knowledge.


Voku - It is kind of a hidden secret of mine.


I place another face-down (face-down placed) and end my turn.



4000 < 0 > 3100



Aradian - This is nonsense, I cannot lose to such randomness. How can a scruffy Oddshoe guy like you end up with an extremely unique Deck of cards, utter stupidness.


(Aradian draws)


A Beatdown way can still save the day.


I summon ‘Goblin Attack Force’


Goblins, attack his ‘Razzi’


(Goblins charge forward)


Voku - Again, I don’t think so, activate ‘Windstorm of Etaqua’.


This changes the battle positions of your face-up monsters, thus your attack is also cancelled.


Aradian - What am I doing, I should have predicted that, but who knows what you have stuffed in that Deck.


Voku - Indeed.


(Goblins change to defence)


Aradian - I place a face-down (face-down placed) and end my turn.


Voku - My turn then (Draws card)


I Normal Summon my third Server Enforcer, ‘Yoji’.


(Yoji is summoned)





And I Virtual Summon my ‘Razzi’.


(Razzi is Virtual Summoned, Razzi is surrounded by Light)


and that lets me place another Virtual Counter on my Virtual Space.


(A Second Disk appears)


And I will activate 1 of Virtual Space’s effects, by removing 2 V-counters


(The 2 Virtual Counters disappear)


I can destroy a face-down Spell of Trap Card on the field, so I select your face-down


Aradian - Hpmh


(Face-down destroyed)


Voku - And ‘Yoji’, attack his ‘Goblin Attack Force’


(Goblin Attack Force is destroyed)


Now I will end my turn.



Aradian - (Draws card) (Looks at hand)


I activate ‘Mystical Space Typhoon’ and destroy your ‘Virtual Space’


(Virtual Space destroyed, Duel arena turns back to normal)


and I will set 1 monster (Monster is Set) and I will end turn.


Voku - I have this odd feeling your all about the Beatdown, attacking and attacking, well strategy has a use you know.


(Draws Card)


During my standby Phase I get a 200 Life Point Boost for each card in your hand thanx to my Razzi being in Virtual Position.


And seeing as there are their 5 cards in your hand, I get a 1000 points boost.


(Life Points increase)


5000 - 3100


So who’s ahead of the game now?


Oh and another thing, Virtual Monsters don’t have to stay in Virtual Position forever, I can Normal Summon them back.


I Normal Summon back my ‘Keito’.


(Light surrounding Keito disappears)


and activate the Spell Card ‘Virtual Frenzy’




This Spell lets me remove from play 1 Virtual Monster in Virtual Position on the field to draw 2 Cards, I will remove then, my ‘Razzi’ and draw (Draws 2 cards).


I will place 1 face-down (face-down placed)


and have my ‘Yoji’ to attack your face-down monster


(Yoji attacks the face-down, the face-down is flipped)


(The face-down monster is ‘Slate Warrior’, slate warrior is destroyed).


Aradian - sadly I hoped you would not attack, in hope it was a negative effect Flip monster, 500 attack points are reduced from a monster that destroys it in battle at least.


(Yoji’s attack decreases to 1200)


Voku - well I am not finished yet, I attack with Keito


(Keito drifts forward and strikes Aradian)


Now I end my turn on a happy note.


5000 < 0 > 1300


Aradian - My turn (draws), Finally, I place a face-down (face-down placed)


and I Summon this, ‘Gene Warped Warwolf’


(Gene Warwolf is summoned)


Voku - Bingo


activate face-down, ‘Ring of destruction’


(Ring fly’s forward and attaches to Warwolf)


Say goodbye to one ugly looking monster and the duel


(The ring explodes and both players lose 2000 Life Points)


3000 < 0 > 0


Aradian - Unbelievable, I lost, to a guy with oddshoes.


Voku - Game set (Duel Disk swings back into rest mode)


Do not worry, Virtual Monsters are still under raps, but not for much longer im guessing. Good Duel, how come you didn’t play many face-down Traps.


Aradian - Simple, I don’t have many Traps in my Deck, and I kept drawing monsters.


Voku - With a bit of work your Deck will be flawless, I can help you there


Both Voku and Aradian then shook hands



---------------------- Format Shift - Story Mode ----------------------



“Well I don’t know about you but I myself am tired, I’m going to hit the hay”


“Voku, its only 11:15am!”


“What can I say, I like my sleep”, Voku lunged onto his bed and began to fall asleep. Voku had returned home after the class had finished, and of course, went back to bed to catch up on un-missed sleep.


“Well then”, Hikoko was staring round the room thinking of something to do, “What to do, Erm, hmm, maybe, nah, Erm, oh stuff it, sleep time”, Hikoko jumped onto the bed and within minutes was asleep.




End of Chapter 1






[spoiler= Chapter 2 - Interesting Times]


Chapter 2 - Interesting Times



Voku and Hikoko had slept until 10am the following day, they had had many restless nights the week before from having to pack up everything to move into the Student accommodation building in London so Voku could attend the Duel Sanctuary. Voku’s room was quite large. It has a small kitchen in the corner which led straight into a small sitting area, next to that was Voku’s bed and wardrobe and drawers, and finally a small desk, all in the same room. Voku’s small student flat only had one other room which was the bathroom. It also had 2 large cupboards on the walls, usually for storing towels and anything you wanted to store away, Voku has not checked them yet, in actual fact, Voku had not even bothered to unpack. Most of Voku’s things were in cardboard boxes, littering the room.


Once Voku had woken up at 10am he happily started poking the still sleeping Hikoko in the stomach with a wooden spoon, until Hikoko woke up suddenly and grabbed the spoon and started slapping Voku with it.


“Hikoko stop that, that’s not fair, you woke me up yesterday by slapping me”


“With a soft tail, not a hard wooden spoon”


After getting washed and dressed and eating some burnt toast for breakfast (Voku is not a good cook) they decided together to unpack so it was over and done with.


“Where should I put these spare bed covers Hikoko?”


“Erm, well isn’t that a cupboard up there, place them in there, out of the way”, and Hikoko continued to rummage through boxes. Voku grabbed all the spare bed covers and carefully, avoiding all the boxes littering the floor, made his way to the wall cupboard. Voku opened it and chucked in the covers.


“Ow, watch it”


Voku jumped out of fright, fell backwards, tumbled over a tower of boxes and crashed to the floor.


“Voku you nearly flattened me, watch where your going, and why were you walking backwards for?”


“Hikoko, there’s someone in that cupboard”


“What?”, Hikoko sprang up and ran towards the cupboard and leapt inside. “Voku Voku, come look”, Voku stood up and carefully approached the open cupboard. Voku saw what Hikoko was staring at, under the covers that Voku had chucked into the cupboard, lay a ghostly white young man dressed in casual dress clothes, staring at Voku with great anger.


“Hikoko, is it a Ghost”


“Who you calling it?” the ghost spoke. “I am Arti, and yes I am a ghost, I died about 8 years ago, stupid zebra crossing, this was my room before my death, so I decided to stay here, in the darkness where I can weep in peace”


“Oh I’m sorry, I’m Voku, and this is Hikoko, I just moved in to this room, I hope you don’t mind”


“Many people have left this room after seeing me, ghosts are common in this world yet people are freaked by us all”


“We are not freaked”


“Then why did you leap back in fear, I have had it, no-one can just show me some respect” and with that, Arti chucked the covers onto Voku who stumbled backwards, Arti flew straight out of the cupboard and flew straight through the door of Voku’s room.


“Good going Voku”, Hikoko said with a sarcastic tone.




Over the next few hours, Arti the ghost had a fun time, causing chaos throughout the student accommodation building. He flooded people’s bathrooms, chucked furniture out of windows, ripped apart pillows and scared as many people as possible.


The building caretaker ran to his office and shouted through the building intercom system, which spoke to all rooms in the building, “Please exit the building immediately, there’s a ghost on the loose, for your welfare, exit the building”.


“See, look what you did Voku”


“How would I know he was temperamental?, and don’t worry, I know just how to handle to this” and with that, Voku picked up the phone and dialled Dr. Vingeni’s number.





“Ah, Voku, come in come in”


Dr. Vingeni had told Voku to come to his Teaching room at the Duel Sanctuary in order to provide some help.


“Dr. Vingeni, what is it you wanted to show me?”


“This my boy” Dr. Vingeni held out an emerald hand size tube, sealed with a Ruby coloured cork.


“What is it?”


“This Voku is my Spirit Canter; with it you can trap a spirit and seal it inside, and then do what you want with them. To use it all you need to do is to get at least a few feet near the spirit and open the cork, it should be sucked inside, and then just cork it up” Dr. Vingeni handed the Canter to Voku, “Now you must excuse me, I have rather a lot of paperwork to do, and you have a ghost to catch”


“Indeed I do, thanx Doc, Hikoko we are going now” Hikoko was playing with some Gadgets of Dr. Vingeni’s before he jumped off the desk onto Voku’s shoulder, and together they departed.




“Leave me alone” Arti darted down corridor F2b followed quickly by Voku and Hikoko. “Ha-ha can’t catch me” and Arti zoomed upwards and through the floor above them.


“Hikoko this is getting us nowhere, he is a ghost, he can move through walls”


“Then we trap him Voku, then we trap him”


Voku and Hikoko thought long and hard about what to do.


“I wonder if these will help in any way” and Hikoko showed Voku a strange object. It was a pair of round eye size steel balls attached to each other by a small red electrical current.


“Hikoko what is that, where did you get it”


“I may have accidently took them from Dr. Vingeni’s store cupboard, look, if you hold them up to your eyes they suspend freely in air and you can see through the balls as if they were glasses, try it”


Voku took the object off Hikoko and held them up to his eyes. Voku felt an odd force acting on them and he let go. They floated freely in the air directly in front of Voku’s eyes, then they turned an odd grey colour, then white, then they became translucent. “They are hardly glasses, they appear to be translucent and not transparent, what do they do, do you think?” and he stared at Hikoko and Hikoko was doing the strangest thing, talking without moving his mouth.


I do hope Voku can stop prating around so we can get on with things


“I’m not prating around”


“What, but, I didn’t say that”


“No, but you, you thought it. Ah, Hikoko, say something, in your head”


You’re a fool if I ever did see one


“I am not a fool”


“Voku” a big wide smile came across on Hikoko’s face, “it reads minds don’t it”


“It appears so, only thing is I don’t get why its translucent, you have to know where to look and then look through these balls in order to do it, Hikoko, think of all the fun we can have with these, but, oh”




“Technically you stole them, and from a friend as well”


“Then lets ‘borrow’ them for a little while, and return them once we have had some fun”


Voku thought for a second before making his tainted mind up, “deal, and I also have a use for these, lets find the ghost”





“There he is Voku, round the corner to the left” Voku equipped with the floating balls peered round the corner and stared at Arti the ghost.


No-one appreciates me, no one cares about me, I just want friends


“Bingo Hikoko” Voku stepped out round the corner, “Arti please listen to me” Arti turned sharply to stare at Voku “Listen Arti, I apologise for what I did, I had never seen a ghost before so I was startled. I am a very wise person, I can see deep into peoples minds and thoughts and yes, even Ghosts have minds, it shows there’s still life in you, whether you are dead or not, and is that not a good thing. Listen, come back to my, our room, if you need friends, there’s always myself and Hikoko”


Arti thought in his inexistent existing mind that Voku must indeed be wise to know what he desires, perhaps he could trust Voku, “Ok, I shall come”




After Arti had returned to Voku’s room, Voku informed the building caretaker and manager the problem was over, the students crammed back into their rooms, and Voku headed back upstairs on the third floor where his room resides.


“Thank you for your wise words Voku” said Arti, back in his cupboard with the door open. “I had just had enough, a ghosts only true enjoyment is to cause chaos you know”


That night Voku and Hikoko listened to Arti’s tales of his life, and what its like to be half dead.



End Of Chapter 2




It is only ment to be a quick chapter, its needed for a progressive storyline, and i am aware they did not use the Canter, that is important for later.





[spoiler= Chapter 3 Preview]


Chapter 3 Preview


Voku starts his first day of lessons and is put straight into a tester Duel against the Gothic Girl. Meanwhile Hikoko decides to use the Mind seeing object to find out secrets about the Sanctuary.


Chapter 3 titled - Maschine Eisenbass - Coming soon!









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I stopped my other Fan-Fic for the current moment as it was too much to take on at once, this Fan-Fic is easier to work with and write.


Check Out Some of the Cards featured in this Fan-Fic in the Realistic Cards section (Will update with links when posted)




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Let me say that I didn't like it.


Your grammar was quite meh. Sometimes, you miss punctuation and commas, which is never good. The concept is interesting, however, but the characters themselves feel somewhat "I've-seen-it-before".




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I wrote this on Microsoft word so if there are any grammar errors blame Microsoft.


Some words were ment to have grammar / spelling errors as they would have been slang.


All the characters i used i never used before, and you cannot judge this from other Fan-Fics you have read, as that is a biased opinion, not factual and not at all right for Judgement.


Thus, i suggest you continue to read to next Chapters to see if it is any different from your 'seen it before' thoughts.



And Tobi i made the Cards green using 'Serif Photoplus v.10', so unless you have that i cannnot teach you lol ^_^



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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