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War Machine - Wildfire


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I don't really like the image tho' date=' but thats just me.

I'm not sure you should have created a new sub-type either, it should just be Machine-Type.



^Agree. Also, I think it's a little overpowered. It basically says that if you inflict a certain amount of damage, you can inflict more, and if that reaches a certain level, you can do even more. Perhaps you should flip 1 or 2 of them around (like instead of 1000 or more damage, make it 1000 or less damage; that way, if you don't do as much damage as you want, you can then inflict more. Just a thought :P). All-around, a good card.


overall - 11.33/13.69 ^_^

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Well this is the card I did for a contest and the person need to add the sub-type of fury, but other cards will not probably include those thing.


Actually, it may not always happen since it needs to destroy two monsters in order to trigger the effect, that's why I thought it is not too overpower.

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