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Erosa, the Legendary Dragon


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If the pic was in color, it would look better, but I like the design. It seems underpowered, needing a tribute, but only getting 200 points for every monster. That means that it has a max of 2000 ATK and DEF which isn't much for a 5 star monster, even with the second effect. The OCG is a little off, but nothing big. All-around, a very good card!


overall - 12.22/13.69 ^_^

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"This cards ATK is equal to the amount of monsters on the field x200." - I believe that is how the first part of the effect should be worded, rest looks fine besides a couple of OCG errors:

Type not type.

you can not you may.

'when this card is destroyed' - state how (result of battle, card effect...)

Image could be a little better too, looks to plain and unrealistic to me. >_>

Still, nice job.


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