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yugioh- gx - the new school tournament chapter 6


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past vs future part 2



peter- hurry up it's your turn

chazz- Don't rush me. I play union force. when I send on my field a union monster to the grave i can special summon 2 union monsters from my deck.

chazz searches his deck.

I choose z-metal tank (1500/1300),and X-Head Cannon (1800/1500).Now I activate z-metal tank's effect, It special summons a union monster from my graveyard. y-dragon head come on back (1500/1600).Now I union Fusion these bad boys. To create XYZ-Dragon Cannon (2800/2600). Now I use his effect by giving up one card in my hand I can destroy one card on the field .


chazz- I'll destroy your Zanji.

the samurai was then blown up by the dragon cannon.

chazz- now I attack your white ninja with dragon cannon. GO,LOCK AND LOAD BLAST!

The monster shot down the ninja.



chazz- I end my turn.

peter-that was quite a turn you had back there chazz.But my turn will blow you away. Draw,I summon The Six Samurai - Nisashi (1400/700)

chazz- thats nothing compared to my dragon cannon.

peter- Not yet it is not. I activate my monsters effect it allows me to summon 2 samurai's to the field from my deck.

chazz- what are you going to choose?

peter-come to the field The Six Samurai - Kamon (1500/1000),and The Six Samurai - Irou (1700/1200).

then I play a spell called spirit of the six samurai this lets me summon another samurai.


peter yes. I choose from my deck The Six Samurai - Yaichi (1300/800)

Chazz- anymore surprises I should know about?

peter- one more, now that I have all the samurai either on my field or my grave I can special summon six samurai- novato (2900/1900)

chazz-he just strong enough to destroy my monster.

peter- yes. Now I will attack your dragon cannon

the samurai slashed the cannon and the monster got dismantled.



peter- now my samurai's attack him directly



peter- give me your locater card and your rarest card

chazz handed him the cards

peter- all hail master Luke.

back to zane's duel



Zane-cyber dragon attack double photon blast!!!

the 2 headed dragon blew of a ball of electricity.

peter- I activate mother protection this negate the attack on your my monster if it is an Alien type monster.

zane- you got out of that one.

psycho-draw.I sacrifice baby Alien to summon Alien mother (2000/1200). Now I play hammer shot this destroys your cyber dragon


peter-sorry I could care less.

zane- you will pay.

psycho- well not this turn i wont. Because I'm going to attack you directly.

The terrifying Alien shot zane in the chest. Zane winced in pain.



zane-draw! I play fusion recovery so i get a polymerization and a cyber dragon. Then I play monster Reborn to bring back another cyber dragon(2100/1600). Then I'll play the card that will win this duel for me.

psycho- what card is that ;

zane- I play power bond this fuses my cyber dragon on my field,and the 2 in my hand.I create cyber end dragon (4000/2800-8000/5600).My monster attack points double because of power bond's effect. Now to end this cyber end dragon attack with triple photon beam.

a stream of energy shot from the 3 cyber dragons mouth.It obliterated the Alien.



zane- now I'm in the finals.

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