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Agent-7 - The Secret Weapon ~ all ratings 9 and up!


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[align=center]For all of those who had liked Agent-9, and had wished me to continue the set, I give you this.


This is the major heavyweight of all of the agents.


If you had seen the entire set, you would have noticed that I had made agent-7 last... it is too special of a number to give to any old card.


>>>*I do not own the artwork for this card, I use it as a means of increasing the overall quality of my work.*<<<[/align]


[align=center]here it is...




[align=center]I cropped and edited the image, here is the origional version art


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Very nice card! a great addition to the other "Agent" cards. The only OCG error I saw is that you capitalized "summoned" by itself, but after looking at my real life cards, I'm not sure which is correct, so I won't count it against you. For the pic, the background is such a similar color that I had trouble seeing the person, but maybe that's just me :P


overall - 13.44/13.69 ^_^

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You are welcome' date=' it is just that I hate it when people try to correct me on Correct OCG.


No offense, though.



Oh, no offense taken. I really wasn't sure, so it was more of a thought question than a correction. I hate that also, so I certainly wouldn't do it to someone else (unless I for some reason thought incorrectly, which does happen from time to time :P).

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Few errors, and an innovative concept. The pic detracts from its value, and OCG is only mediocre.


Harsh Rating: 72%

Merciful Rating: 8.67/10.00

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