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The effect is a little confusing' date=' a bunch of things thrown together. You don't need to say "type" in the card (especially since it would be attribute not type :P). All-around, a pretty good card.


overall - 12.43/13.69 ^_^



Thanks! :)

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a bit confusing mod. lol. :D


not very origional too... :(


good pic, but bad holoing, or whatever you have on the card. :(


full rating:


effect - not origional, but still not bad. 6/10

pic - you kinda messed it up with the holo thing. 5/10

origionality - not an origional idea. :( nice name though. 6/10


grand total 5.66/10 ewww.


I would try a bit harder for origionality. You would get the other points.


still overall, I do not count that as a failing card, I count anything under 5 failing, you still passed.

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