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look at these naruto and dbz cards my first set


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Nice pictures for Naruto set. I suggest for Kakashi to copy the effect of a monster when he's normal summoned successfully on the field ;)


Anyway nice shot dude 7/10 ^^;


For DBZ set, Broly need an effect ! Remember he's gaining power along the movie and that's really difficult to get rid of him loll :P

crop images then that will be better.


5/10 for this set.


Overall effects have some OCG errors they're nice but need to be corrected and the sets need to be extended.

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I won't comment on the Naruto, mostly cause I'm not in the mood too, but the DBZ cards are ok. Broly should get an effect, there's also a miswording on Vegeta's effect, unless that was your intention. The DBZ cards get 7.5/10 because Broly needs an effect, there are a few grammar issues, and the pics don't exactly fit the size of the cards.

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