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An unused deck


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How good is this?


Monsters x20



cyber dragon x1

insect knight x2

gladiator beast andal x1

battle ox x1

7 colored fish x1

slate warrior x1

dark blade x1

master kyonshee x1

empress mantis x1

blade skater x1

flash assailant x1

gearfried the iron knight x2

indomitable fighter lei lei x1

oxygeddon x1

sea-serpent warrior of darkness x1

gemini elf x1

la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp x1

rapid fire magician x1



Spells x14



giant trunade x1

hinotama x1

fissure x1

lightning vortex x1

rush recklessly x2

ookazi x1

hammer shot x1

heavy storm x2

malice depression x1

mystical space typhoon x1

tribute to the doomed x1

dian keto the cure master x1



Traps x8



reinforcements x1

enchanted javelin x1

threatening roar x1

d.d. dynamite x1

mask of weakness x2

just desserts x2



please rate from 1-10

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