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i made these





untitled-2.jpg effect:

This CArd May Not Be Normal Summoned or Set. This Card May Only Be Special Summoned by Having Excactly 5 Zomibes in Your Graveyard. Once Per Turn You May Select One of the Following Effects:

1. You May Special Summon 1 Zombie Monster from your Graveyard

2. You May Remove From Play 1 Zombie Monster to Destroy 1 Card on Your Opponents Side of the Field

atk: 2900 def: 1500





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Man these need to go in others' date=' these look real bad too!




i guess here i can only quote one at a time...


i sent fatty over here to post and get feedback so hed get an idea about...THINGS


that was vicious faded...(i luv it)


and to fatty...make sure the pix you download are BIG enough that they arent blocky...if your pic is like 40X40 its gonna look like crap when you generate..

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i didnt even read the effects on your most recent collection faded...but i linked it to my team chatango for fatty to see as an example of the competition...the pics were great on the first two btw...its late tho and im not READING much...(no wonder nobody wants to R/F my cards...all i do is post mine...and i dont read theirs...selfish? uh huh)

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