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The West Acadamy

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Welcome to West Duel Acadamy. Here we strive to be the very best duelists we can be. I'm John Tyler, your Chancellor. We have three dorms at this school that students will be in based on their duel skill. The Brass Dorm is for the new duelists. These duelists are not bad, they just need a little improvement. Upon joining the club, you will start in this dorm. The Silver Dorm is for higher ranked duelists. Once a month there will be a dorm placement contest in the contests section. If you win, you move up a dorm. And finally, the Gold Dorm is for the dueling elite. These duelists have proven themselves worthy time and time again. To join, just post a reply telling me the following information...



Name -

Deck -

Deck Leader -

Deck Basis* -




*What types of cards your deck is based upon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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