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Let me guess, you're da-clown-of-hell. Look at what time I knew that.


Now to my point, what Darkthorne said is true (he often says true and smart things :P)


I don't see the creativity in it, the text is bad, background is bad, and Irou being covered by that "weird thing", it's still bad. 4.9/10 You can improve..

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i was trying the tutorial and it involved smudging some things but then i thought how would it be if i kept a render and smudged around it. i duplicated Irou and then smudged around the original render until the mist like thing came and then played with the filter and neon glow and this came. as for the text i tried testing out the effects.


LOL, now you realized that i was da-clown-of-hell.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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