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Awesome Light Deck

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Hi, this is a deck that my friend uses and it kicks ass, what do you think? He can get his maha vailo up to over 17000 attack. PLZ RATE 1-10

Thanks xx




3/maha vailo


3/soul of purity and light

3/shining angel

3/thunder nyan nyan

2/hysteric fairy

2/airnight parshath

1/reflect bounder

1/morphing jar #2

1/guardian angel joan




heavy storm

graceful dice

lightning vortex


monster reborn

premature burial

3/axe of despair

2/malevolent nuzzler

3/fairy meteor crush

mage power

united we stand

2/luminous spark




2/sakuretsu armour

torential tribute

skull dice

magic drain

magic cylinder

dark mirror force

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oh yes also scapegoats and swords of revealing llight


Your lack of knowledge of the "Edit" button shows that your forum skills rival your deckbuilding skills.


If you want to use so many Equip Spells, go for the Ben Kei OTK.


And PLEASE don't just throw in cards because you saw them used in the Anime. Graceful Dice and Skull Dice? WHY?

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