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ojama Force deck

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just seen an episode of gx season 4, and chazz beats astra in a duel, using his ojama deck. so im making an ojama deck.


1| Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest

2| Manticore of Darkness


3| Ojama Yellow

3| Ojama Black

3| Ojama Green

3| Rescue Cat

1| Snipe Hunter

3| King Of The Swamp


3| polly(will use super polly if i find out u can use in chain with ojamamagic

3| Wild Nature's Release

3| Ojamamagic

1| Heavy Storm

1| Monster Reborn

2| Ojama Delta Hurricane

2| Ojama Muscle

2| Shrink


3| Over limit

1| Ojama Trio


3| Ojama King

3| Ojama Knight

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