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Vampire Kid RP (7 people needed)(Non-Yugioh)

Luna Diviner

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Over a century ago, in 1768 the Vampire race had been thought-wiped out but one vampire lives, his name is Hiro.

Hiro has found a gravestone in the attic belonging to the original body of the grim reaper and after peforming a control ritual, Hiro now has the power of the grim reaper but he can't do it alone he needs help....



(PT.1)So to join you need to fill in this form.

[No form no character]

Name : [No numbers]

Age : 5-60

Details or destinguishing features : E.:Scar...etc

Small Bio :

Race [see pt.2] :

Gender :


Name : Hiro

Age : 13

DORDF: A scar and the obvious fangs.

Small Bio : Read above, story.

Race : Vampire

Gender : Male


(Pt.2) The races [each have weakness and strenghts]


Pro : Takes less damage from certain attacks {5% LESS}.

Can absorb energy {ONLY ONCE PER BATTLE}, has speed.

Cons : Is weak in close attack, is ultra effected against light based attacks.


Half Vampire

Pros : Takes less damage from certain attacks {2% LESS}

Can absorb slight amount of energy {Twice per battle}, is very speedy and quite intelligent.

Cons: Not very strong, is super affected against light and fire based attacks.



Pros: Is strong and very intellegent.

Cons : Is weak against most attacks other then light.



Pros: Extremely clever and controls magic.

Cons : Is very weak (in stregth) and is weak againsts the magic type opposite to his or her own.




Fire - Water

*Water - Lightning

*Wind - Earth

*Lightining - Earth

*Earth - Water

**Nature - Fire and Dark

**Technology - Lightning and Water

***Darkness - Light,Lightning,Nature

***Light - Dark,Fire,Wind

**** Advance - Fire,Water,Wind,Earth,Lightning and Earth.

- :The opposite

*: The level

[Higher the level the stronger but with more weakness]


(Pt.4)Fighting Style

Each character will start with 4 random [and 1 SPECIAL MOVE} moves which will be pmed to them when they succesfully join.

You will also start at Level 2

Depending on your opponents Level you will get a certain amount of money.

The higher your level the luckier you will be.

Fight fairly - first you do your move then your opponent does.

The challenger will be second.

After posting your moves,your opponent will post their respond.

Only 2 x your level.


When you are pmed your moves you will see the things you need to use the move and the amount of damage.

All Level ones have 100 HP and 80 MP.

When you level up you gain 15 HP and 5 MP.


(Pt.5).My characters

They are characters made by me, just their for the sake of it or like 1.Hiro.

a6cd7.png - Hiro

2.Seargent Slade - e8e473.png

3.Samantha - fb6d65.png

4.Zyrk - e8373.png

5.Hiera - 170838.png


Each character has a number, their will be many more but these are the main five.

These five can ask you to do things and you can fight them. Each of them might want something else from you if you want to fight.

Defeating one of the five will result in your gaining more money than you would another character as I am the one controlling them so I know your moves.


(Pt.6).The Way to Play

If you are a bit confused well you to do things you just, say, Jim ran away or "Lets fight"said Jim.

The money is the bonus you get from fighting and you don't have to fight to get money.But its the only way you can upgrade your moves.

We do not have tag battles.

Do not make a move up and say to your opponent, Rahim told me to say this because ; even though we don't disqualify people, it won't go down lightly and the fight might count as a loss.



Name : Dartain

Age : 21

Details or destinguishing features : Giant Scar down leg

Small Bio :

Race [see pt.2] : Half-Vampire

Gender : Male


Name : Sario Ojima

Age : 18

DORDF: One blackened eye, and one blood red eye.

Small Bio : One of the last of the Ojima Clan Bloodline. He is in search of an Amylet to bring his dead human wife back from the dead.

Race : Vampire

Gender : Male




Have fun and no swearing.

No spamming.

No rule breaking [official rules]

No changing your race of magic type in the middle of a battle.


To start we need 7 more people.

Have fun everyone.

Disclaimer :

The Vampire Kid RP is no way affiliated with the Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters shown in the banner (sig).

We shall not be held responsible for any lack of fun.

Credit to Tektek.org for all of the characters.

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