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What cards do you want Banned, unresticted, Limited or Semi Limited

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What cards do you want off the list, Limited, banned, or Semi Limited and why? Here's my list



Snipe Hunter: With drawing cards like Destiny Draw, this can be deadly and with this banned, Graceful Charity and maybe even Pot of Greed will come back.

Neo Spacian Grand Mole: Every time it attack it can return itself and another monster to the hand with no cost?! WTF?! What were they thinking?!




Black Luster Soldier EOTB: I think Chaos decks deserve a second chance.

Raigeki: There's a very, very, very low chance that this will be limited again just like Monster Reborn was and if that happens a another monster destruction card will be be banned. Plus with all those zombie swarm decks being used, this has a need and they are many ways to counter it(Anit Raigeki, Curse Seal of the Forbidden Spell, Solemn Judgement, Magic Drain etc)

Change of Heart: Monster Reborn unbanning gives us hope that this will be limited but then Brain Control will be banned.


Not on the list

Cyber Dragon: If this is on the list, Cyber End Dragon is useless


Those are my thoughts so post yours

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snipe hunter... just because the opponent must thin his hand to clear your field it deserves banning?? if you can't counter it... boo hoo, a pity!!


grand mole is not a big deal, also the controller of grand mole is affected too, losing a summon to have a clean field... hand locking...


BLS definitively NO... chaos decks ruin the meta's creativity...


raigeki could be, but no, clean field with no cost?? don't think so...


change of heart, another powerful-with-no-cost card... nope...


cyber dragon could be, but not because cyber end dragon (P.S.: LOL proto cyber dragon, LOL king of the swamp, LOL the light hex-sealed fusion)


foolish burial unlimited? on a DAD deck?? what do you smoke, dude??

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uuuh most ppl only run 2


and it wouldnt really matter if you has 1 more in a dad deck unless you got liek 3 of them in your hand + dad. but that would be an opening hand thus not very effective early on


also you can use light hex seal + kots ina fusion as far as im aware anyway

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