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Yugioh!-Let The Game Begin Character contest (finished, not enough entries, plz move)


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OK,as you can see i am about to write a FanFic, and i need more characters.[/size]I already have some down,

Main characters: Rojo Ataro (Main ), Shiji Timeaus ( Main Villain)

I also have added some old Yugioh guys, Seto Kaiba, Maximillion Pegasus, and Joey Wheeler will make an appearance ( they are all property of Kazuki Takahashi ©)


I need ten more characters, whose names have been chosen, and here's your task......

I need you to choose one or more of the characters in the list below ( the more you enter, the better your chance of winning is). I need you to make a 40 card deck, with a maximum of ten existing Yugioh TCG cards. Post either a picture or a !DETAILED! Description of the character's attributes. also be sure to include the deuling style so that i can have an idea of how to portray them as deulists. Be sure to include ( for extra points lol) their main phrase e.g. It's time to deul!, Let the games begin!.

Add a little background on the cahracters if you wish, if ther is none, i will make one up

Here are the character names

1. Kaiser

2. Nero- currently Holds Millenium Ring

3. Joso

4. Jonhathan

5. Maximus- Currently has the Millenium key ( stole it from Shadi)

6. Toby

7. Edward- holds the Millenium eye ( does not haveit in eye socket. Holds it in his pocket)

8. Tobias

9. Dreadnaught- Nickname

10. Finale -Nicname

11. Im adding one more charater for those of you who are anime girl fans.... Amethyst/Akaya ( you choose the better sonding name)


There can only be a total of four entries per character, and when there are four, i will post an update for you. Once i look at the four entries for one character, if one doesnt catch my eye, i will open the character up for the first one to post.


[/size]Before posting your character, send me a PM or post which character you are creating.


Each chosen character creator will get five reps, and they will definitely be featured, but if i like other entries, i may put them in the fanfic as well.


I WILL INFORM YOU IF YOU WIN BY PM, and if i want your character in the fanfic, I WILL DO THE SAME



I will look for




Intrigue(does it interest me)=20

Deuling style of character=20


The contest ends on April 11 2008.

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