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So as a whole what do you think?  

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  1. 1. So as a whole what do you think?

    • Your definitely getting better.
    • Your cards are just what the meta needs.
    • MEH
    • stop making cards and go duel
    • mostly...your cards PWN

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Sweet, seems like have a few grammar ocg problems, just a lil, but they are good

BTW, a few of the pics can be, well, better, i'll help you if you need it though, just pm me ^_^


Also, technicly, this would be called an archive wouldent it? I mean, it's all your cards, so, idk


Good work ^_^

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Thank you, and, it's not really all my choice, it's just that, sombody was banned for that, because it's qulified as spamming, just trying not to let you get banned ^_^

I mean, where would I be without the guy with the atomic clown bomb in his sig? XD

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lol' date=' I LOVE THAT POST! ROFL

ROCK, then, SUCK!

wow, he shure told you everything you had to know, right?

Gosh, sarcasm can be fun XD



well thats the down side of posting ALL your cards HUH???




still laughing


maybe i should have left cyber baby off no?


i like faded's pix...there unconventional


my favorite is HAPPY HOUR FT come from behind WIN (but ive already been told its too slow for the meta)


oh and you guys know there is a subtle difference between rotfl and rofl right?


and for some reason PINK/RED the tramp of the dark world got left off...ill fix it eventually

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the ones at the bottom were my first ones. the bottom two are copies of waboku and threatening roar so i could stall against jinzo with my stall exodia decks etc.


the three above that are designed to more easily negate effect damage using kuriboh and dd crow type mechanics...the child protective services is basically a barrel behind the door in quickplay spell form...i designed these for a dark snake syndrome deck i was thinking of when i wasnt satisfied with cyber kirins effect...and then made a couple for along the same lines when the MAGICAL EXPLOSION OTK/FTK (and toon cannon soldier same thing) started being hyped 2 SJC's ago.


thanks for the interest guys...now i have to check the poll and see if its still 100% MEH

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  • 1 month later...

thanks guys these are some of my early cards and some of my newer cards so a few of them the pictures are a bit whack...


im way better (i think) at finding cool pix and coming up with decent effects for them than i am at finding pics to go with already thought up effects..


check out my marvel set too its in pop culture

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well there are so many and i originally had them all in seperate threads so i cant remember all the artits right now but i will edit the main soon and list the artists i can remember...


matt dixon did a bunch, frank frazetta did some and i dont own any of the pics

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