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My New Synchro Card, Synchron Squire


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[align=center]Hello, Welcome to my New Card, Synchron Squire, A Synchro Monster. If you like it, I'll post a Synchro Tutorial for you guys. The color is off a little, but I was using gimp. It was also my first time Holoing, so tell me what you think as well. Thank you for your time, Arekku_Koro, the Awesome Card Maker of YCM.Pic by Wolfberserker.


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Nice card


OCG errors!


Graveyard not graveyard

face-up not Face-Up


The holo's not that great



Kev said it.




Wow thts harsh since technically crazykev gave me 7.31/10. Read is sig' date=' lol.




yes but i added, 1) overused picture. 2) you called yourself a crappy card maker.

You should read what I wrote in Kev's thread when he said he was dissappointed in his work.

plus I didn't like the card much

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