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It is bad. I am sorry but it is really bad. First of all it isn't a fusioncard at all, you should've listed fusion-material monsters on it.


Second, grammar and OCG is bad. ATK and DEF is much to high.


Third, picture is not original, it is a simple Darkrai, an existing pokemon. If it was meant to be Darkrai then list it to be Darkrai.


Now I know you are new, so I'll give you a 1/10 for the effort.

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you get a 1/10 for the following reasons...


1.) The card is completely UNoriginal

2.) The card is WAY overpowered

3.) What do I use to fusion it if its a Fusion Monster?

4.) It apparently has an affect but just babbles on about how "awesome" it is.

5.) There is many misspellings in the "Effect"

6.) You basicly just stole a picture of Darkai and slapped some dumb name on it. (Also known as copyright infringment to some people)

7.) You most likely have NO concept of originallity what so ever, or you have never even PLAYED Yugioh Card Game

8.) Even for a noob...thats just a plain disgrace to the card makers everywhere


And the list sorta goes on from there...


once again you get 0/10 (mabye less)....


Enjoy! ^_^

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aww come on it's not that bad. I think it's a good first try. A few pointers.


1. Try making it an effect monster. If there were any pokemon that should be made fusions, it would be Magnemite, since three of them can make one Magneton.


2. Instead of 9999 for ATK and DEF try ????. That could be one of it's effects. The ATK and DEF is the total of the combined ATK and DEF of the monsters used to tribute summon it.


3. Try this for another effect: Once during your turn, after you attack, switch all your opponent's monsters to Defense mode. This effect lasts util the Standby Phase of your next turn.


Picture's not bad, either. Plus' these guys should be nice. I give you infinity to the infinite power/10.

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