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Blue Eyes Ultamate Deck!


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Here is my deck:



Blue eyes white dragon x3

Mystic sheep#1 x1

Beastking of the swamps x1

king of the swamp x1

Spear dragon x2

Paliden of white dragon x1

Tyrant dragon x1

Decoy dragon x1

kaiser glider x1

troop dragon x2

lesser fiend x1

Man-eater bug x1

Lord of D x2

Divine dragon Ragnarok x2



Dragon nails x1

Polymerization x2

Future fusion x1

Monster reborn x1 (March ban list)

Premature burial x1

Shallow grave x1

lightning vortex x1

Axe of despair x3

dragon flute x2

swords of raveling light x1

dragons mirror x1

White paliden ritual x2


sakuretsue armor x1

mirror force x1

call of the haunted x1

magic jammer x1

trap jammer x1

burst breath x1

torrential tribute x1

trap hole x1



Skull Dragon x1

Blue eyes ultimate x1

Five head dragon x1

king drugon x1

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Gaining 1000 and 600 ATTACK IS BAD????????? SORRY BUT IT IS Easier TO DESTROY MONSTERS AND LOWER LIFE POINTS' date=' But hey I am From NYC and u are from Jupiter so we do things differently duh!



-1'ing yourself for a tiny ATK bonus is a pro move.

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hu? Any way lets see ur deck. "Pal"


You already saw my deck. It was the awesome one with Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon that OTKs on Turn 4 and was too complicated for you to understand.

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