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Bros. In Light

Kaitou Kid

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This is my Super Smash Brother Fan Fic. I posted it on another fourm and i decided to post it here.


Fan Fic Terms

=|"Character Name|= is Introduction of a character

*Actoin* Well that explains it

Smash World=Where the smash goes on

Subspace=Where Tabuu lives and where everything started


Chapter 1:The Fight is On

??? : My wings are unbroken. I still control these hands. My Plan Is Almost Ready. Go my Primids find these people bring them to these places and let them fight.

*Spinning is Heard*

*Noise Stops*


*Waves Finger*

Sonic: No so fast Tabuu


Tabuu: Primids take care of him. You my Greaps find these people.

Sonic: This Is going to be fun

CardCapter Presents

A Smash Bros Fan Fic

Bros In Light



Mario Vs Fox

Mario: Lets a Go

*Fire flies*

*Beams go through the air*

*Back at Subspace*

Tabuu: Yes My Plan is Working


MK: Fight Me

Tabuu: Heh

*Tabus wings appear and beams shoot out*

*Primids,Greaps,Sonic,and Metaknight are turned into trophies*

Tabuu: Huh what is going on with my HAND

*Back on Smash World*

=|Master Hand|=

*5 hours later*

Mario: It’s over.

Tabuu*in pain*: For now anyway

*2 Years Later*

*Wind Blows*

=|Ice Climbers|=

IC: Hup


IC: Woaooh

*They Become Stars*




Chapter 2:Melee Begins

Ness: Oh Kay

*Something rubs up on his leg*


Pikachu: Pika Pika

*Back In Subspace*

Tabuu: Things are going as I planned

*A shadowy ball hits Tabuu*


Tabuu: I have a job for you


*A rip in the Smash World appears*

Tabuu: Challenger Approaching


*2 people fall*

IC: Hup

Mario: Lets a go

Fox: Come On



*Someone falls out of a ship*


Tabuu: Yes it is working. Soon they will turn on each other and I shall finally control this…..Ahhhhhhh My Hands

*Back on the smash world*

=|Crazy Hand|=




Chapter 3:The Princess Boutnty

Samus: I thought that Crazy Hand was a myth. I guess I’m going to have to lose the suit.

*Samus Sheds her Power Suit*

=|Zero Suit Samus|=

*1 hour later*

*Back in Subspace*

Tabuu: Ahhhhh

*Back on Smash World*


*starts singing on a road*

*a high speed car’s driver falls asleep and hits Jigglypuff*

*Her trophy goes flying*

*Driver wakes up and steps out the car*

=|Captain Falcon|=

*Falcon taps the trophy*

CF: Come on

*A piece of paper flies down*

Princess Peach Bounty $90000

CF: Yes

ZSS: What is this?

*the paper says*

Princess Zelda Bounty $90000

ZSS: Hmmm

*at a parade*

=|Saki Amamiya|=

Saki: Welcome to the women day parade! First we have the most inspirational women. It was a tie between Peach and Zelda so they agreed to share the float. Here it comes now.



Saki: There is Link and Mario on the float. Show offs.

*later that night*


Barbara: Who’s ready to rock?

*Crowd Cheering*

*A shot goes through the air and hits Peach*

*Zelda is shocked on to the floor*

*Crowd Gasping

CF: Huh

Samus: Wrong target

*they both run*

*Mario chases after Samus and Link after C. Falcon*

*Back In Subspace*

Tabuu: Yes it’s working.

???:Chaos Control

Tabuu: Don’t try that again young hedgehog.


Tabuu: I have a special trophy for you

???:No you don’t

=|Young Link|=



Chapter 4:The Brawl Begins

(Coming Soon)

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