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Diableos Auros

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[align=center]Silver Darkness Corporation


Welcome to Silver Darkness Corporation everyone!


This is a new shop and our first time at making things for everyone so don't expect things to be perfect but we all think that they're pretty good for a first try.


I am currently looking for workers to help out with orders and hopefully increase the number of items that we sell.


First off though, I personally don't want to see any spam, rudeness or arguments in this thread.


If you don't get what you want on the day you asked for it then don't worry about it, you will get it and we might have a lot of other orders to take care of. You know what they say: Whoever orders first, gets their orders first.




1. God Diableos (Owner)

2. Boutoku





Waiting List:








What We Make:


Inverted Cards:


-Maker: Boutoku.

-Price: 3 Points(Make payment to Boutoku).

-Description: Choose one of your cards and have the whole card inverted so you can enjoy from a different point of view.

-How To Buy: To get one of your own cards inverted all you have to do is post your card image with your order and Boutoku will invert it for you.

-Note: If you want a Partial Invert, which is having just the picture inverted then please note that.

-Full Invert Example:


-Partial Invert Example:


-Reverse Partial Invert Example:





Thank you for shopping at Silver Darkness Corporation,

God Diableos.


© 2008. All Rights Reserved. Silver Darkness Corporation.[/align]

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Can I join?

I'm sorry but you have to post some examples of your work to work here at S.D.C.


what dose your stuff run for any way and do you make banners XD
I have the list of items in the first post :|.


but any way what dose you inverted cards cost...
Boutoku's Inverted cards do cost 3 Points each but please read the information about them next time :(.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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