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Glorious eXcess

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thanks a bunch....My friend found "Mist" and "Tron" by crovirus....lol...he said they looked cool, and I stuck Mist on a shadow spark BG, and used GIMP and had Kyoten....


Stars~ I realize they SUCK beyond imagination....*Bows and gets shot*

Border~ Yes, I don't know how to apply colorize and contrast and brightening to certain parts, but look forward to it in the future..

Faded Look~If you mean for The 2nd one, then, yes, He was a reject, and My first Synchro

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Well, I really don't know much about Synchro monsters, but they look good to me. Dj and shonen pointed out everything that I noticed, so just fix those things and they'll be good!


overall - 12.79/13.69 ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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