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Monster card pictures here!!

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If you have ever had a problem finding monster pictures, then just post a reply to this thread what kind of monster picture you need and i will find it for you. You have to tell me...

1.What attribute it is (so i can get a picture that suit's it's attribute).

2.It's monster type (warrior, dragon, beast, winged-beast, zombie.).

3.How strong it is (Lv., Atk, Def [so as i know how strong you want it to look])

before you get the picture, you have to give me 5-25 point's(so as people don't steal the pictures, i'm charging first). Then, i will pm you the picture.

It's as simple as that!!

(No refund's!!)

(Cost over 5 point's may vary)

(The maximum cost is 25 point's [you will only get a higher price if the picture is extremly hard to find or it is a realy good picture] you may sell these pictures that i give you but you must contact me first before selling).

If you have a problem with this shop and thread, then please pm me.


Thank's for reding!!

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1: you cannot sell for reps

2: unless you credit the artist' date=' this is illegal, and will be locked.

3: over-priced, you're most likely going into the "Free Card Pics" thread, taking art from there, and giving it suckers for points.



Fine then, you cannot pay with rep's and, the maximum price is 50 point's and the minimum is 10 point's, Happy!!

P.S. sorry i was late posting to this thread, i woke up late.

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i need a dark dragon that looks like a toon monster it has 4500 atk and 5000 def ill pay 1 or 2 reps tomorow tell me when you got it and give you the rep


Ok, i can get that picture, but you will have to pay 5 point's instead. I no longer, sell for rep's as now i know i'm not allowed.

I hope you don't mind paying 5 point's.

If you don't want to give away point's, then you cannot have the picture i have.

If you want it, please post a reply.

Bye!! ^_^

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hi!!!!!! pls i need two monster figures:

one is a cloudian dragon-type monster(big ferocius and cloudian style!)

other is a dragon empror of dark dragons(a very ferocius like dark dragon)

T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H ! ! ! !

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