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Megaman NT Warrior contest DONE please move

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Hello and welcome to my third contest. This time make a set of 3-10 cards that have to do with Megaman NT Warrior.



1) No Copying

2) People who post more than 10 cards will be disqualified

3) No criticizing other's cards

4) No inappropriate content

5) must have to do something with Megaman NT Warrior



1st:3 reps

2nd:2 reps

3rd:3 points


End Date: 4/6/08 4/2/08 4/1/08 4/9/08

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I've decided to end the contest early. the three entrants lethalbullet#1' date='shadowseer,and Dark Spine Sonic will get prizes. bobsholtz911911 is disqualified for critcizing cards.


1st place: Dark Spine Sonic

2nd place: lethalbullet#1

3rd place: shadowseer

[/quote']I haven't criticized, I said the truth...they are newbie's cards....I have not criticized them

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