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alright, i need a few characters for my fanfic


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Guest Black Fang

I promised a friend of mine id start a Fanfic, and i am horrible at making names, etc etc, so i need a few characters, however i will only except a few.


I wont gurantee that your character will be the winner, but if u have any roles that you want your character to have, i can do that. :D


basiccaly i need...


Age, gender, Looks (a picture if possible) there will be no dorms involved so dont bother telling me that Deck they use, and stragety. (PM if ud like to) Personality, Height.. yea.. you know... and i just need a few... -_-

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Name: Robert Wu

Age: 17

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 110 lbs

Gender: Male

Description: Chinese. Has black, rounded hair. Blue eyes. Wears glasses. Highly intelligent, but procrastinates and often doesn't get enough sleep due to poor time management. Acts confident, but has an inferiority complex, despite being an excellent duelist.

Deck Theme: Chimillatech Overdragon

Deck List: [spoiler=Chimillatech Turbo]Monsters (18)


3 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

3 Metalzoa

1 Dark Magician of Chaos


2 Jinzo

2 Cyber Dragon


3 Cyber Phoenix

2 The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion

1 Card Trooper

1 UFOroid


Spells (21)


1 Power Bond

1 Future Fusion

1 Overload Fusion

1 Dimension Fusion

3 Trade-In

3 Monster Gate

3 Reasoning

1 Heavy Storm

1 Giant Trunade

2 Magical Stone Excavation

1 H-Heated Heart

1 Premature Burial

1 Card Destruction

1 Monster Reborn


Traps (1)


1 Mirror Force


Fusions (15)


3 Cyber End Dragon

3 Cyber Twin Dragon

3 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

3 Chimeratech Overdragon


Any other important information: Often speaks to Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon as though it is a duel spirit, but it actually isn't. Has altered his duel disk so that a fourth Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon card (outside of his deck) sits in the Field Spell Zone at all times, and appears in holographic form during duels, though not on the field.



Name: Brian Bellis

Age: 15

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 115 lbs

Gender: Male

Description: Messy brown hair, slight acne. Green eyes. Overconfident, but very lazy.

Deck Theme: Varies

Deck List: Varies

Any other important information: Brian netdecks. Each duel, he uses a card-for-card copy of a deck that has done well at a recent SJC and does well in the current meta (in the story, he'd be copying a Pro League decklist or something, but it would really be copied from a recent IRL SJC). However, he plays these decks badly; for example, he tries to maintain field presence in DDT, summons DAD when it won't win him the game, and so on.


Name: Cornelius Reagan

Age: 18

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 112 lbs

Gender: Male

Description: Irish. Long, wild black hair. Bright blue eyes. Often acts in an apparently random manner, and does silly things. Goes by his middle name, Ned. A joker.

Deck Theme: Varies; always an OTK (first deck is Chain Gate OTK)

Deck List: Varies;[spoiler=First deck]Monsters (21)


1 Tyrant Dragon

2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon


3 Catapult Turtle


3 Masked Dragon

2 Mother Grizzly

2 A Cat of Ill Omen

1 Twin-Headed Behemoth

2 Mirage Dragon

3 Bomber Dragon

2 Decoy Dragon


Spells (12)


3 Fusion Gate

2 Terraforming

1 Reasoning

1 Premature Burial

1 Heavy Storm

1 Dimension Fusion

1 Burial from a Different Dimension

1 Monster Reborn

1 Giant Trunade


Traps (7)


1 Mirror Force

3 Chain Material

3 Solemn Judgment


Fusion Deck (9)


3 F.G.D.

3 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

3 Dragon Master Knight


Any other important information: Changes his deck each duel, each time using a different OTK.

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Guest Black Fang

alrighty then, your character is in Crab Helmet, any roles u want him to have, u kno like Villan/Hero/Neutral etc etc.


and im gonna have to learn how to use that deck... but dont worry about that, it'll take me about 10 minutes once i think about it. i think i got it...

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Robert Wu needs to be awesome. He wins with a deck containing Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. Wherever he is, she shouldn't be neutral (because neutral isn't awesome), and he should be awesome, unless he's some sort of neutral anti-hero-ish person, in which case he should be both neutral and awesome. But he needs to be awesome. >.>


I can best see Brian Bellis as some sort of annoying side character, like Weevil/Rex, except with less evil.


Cornelius might be villain material. I mean, running a variety of OTK decks actually gives him an excuse to crush a bunch of side characters in one turn each, unlike the regular anime characters that are able to do it magically via lucksacks. Or he could be the obligatory awesome anti-hero guy.

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Guest Black Fang

so i need to use all 3 characters?

and can black metal dragon, and metal zoa be brought back wit Dimmenson fusion or what? im kinda lost...


alright forget it, can u just tell me how the deck works. u dont have too, cause ill evantually figure it out.

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Alright, here's my form. There is a picture of what he looks like in the attached file.


Name: Sario Ojima

Age: 18

Height: 5.9''

Weight: 110lb

Gender: Male

Description: Sario Ojima's wife has been in the hosiptal for a long time, and the only way to get her out is an extremely expensive operation, so he needs to obtain $5,000 so he can pay off for the operation. He has resorted into finding tournaments to win cash-prizes, and also doing Music Lessons.

Deck Theme: Modified Rise of the Dragon Lords

Deck List:

[spoiler=Sario's Deck List]Monsters..

Tyant Dragon x2

Ultimate Tyranno

Dark Blade

DarkBlaze Dragon

Decoy Dragon x2

Raging Flame Sprite

Element Dragon

Felgrand Dragon x2

Maha Vailo

Masked Dragon x3

Luster Dragon x3

Herald of Creation

Kaiser Seahorse x3

The Creater Incarnate



Axe of Dispair

Big Bang Shot

Double Summon

Dragon's Gunfire


Foolish Burial

Lightning Vortex x2


Premature Burial

Card Trader

United We Stand



Call of the Haunted

Coffin Seller

Draining Shield x2

Dust Tornado

Final Attack Orders

Just Deserts

Magic Cylinder

Magic Jammer

Sakurestzu Armor x2

Secret Barrel

Staunch Defender

Trap Jammer


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so i need to use all 3 characters?


Yes. I am requiring you to use all three. You must do it. BY LAW.




None of them depends on any of the others' date=' so you can pick and choose which ones you want. You don't need to use them all.


and can black metal dragon, and metal zoa be brought back wit Dimmenson fusion or what? im kinda lost...


Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon and Metalzoa never hit the field; that's why he needs a fourth REBMD in the Field Spell Zone, since otherwise it will never be seen.


The key is that they are Level 8 Machine-Type Nomi monsters, so they're Trade-In compatible and are milled by Reasoning and Monster Gate without interrupting Reasoning and Monster Gate. This makes it easy to summon a high-ATK Chimeratech Overdragon quickly.

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I will join to (I think there's not to many yet)


Name: Edward Gearfield

Age: 17

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Gender: Male

Description: Edward is a boy who seeks his missing father. The deck he uses is in fact his fathers.

Deck Theme: Mega-Mechs

Deck List:



1x Mega-Mech Survivor*

1x Mega-Mech Guardian Angel*

2x Mega-Mech Spellcaster*

3x Mega-Mech Wyern*

2x Mega-Mech Airlines*

1x Zaaria, Dragon of the Future*

2x Yellow Gadget

2x Green Gadget

2x Red Gadget

2x Mega-Mech Serpent*

2x Mega-Mech Enginer*

2x Mega-Mech Mermaid*

1x Boot Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo



2x Polymerization

1x Mega-Mech Connection*

1x Limiter Removal

3x 7 Completed

1x Heavy Storm

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Mega-Mech's Return*



2x Mechanical Defender*

1x Stronghold The Moving Fortress

1x Negate Attack

2x Sakuretsu Armor

1x Mirror Force



2x Mega-Mech Cyborg*

1x Giga-Mech - The Ultimate Mechanical Warrior*

*=Made up cards,see all the Made-Up cards in my Written Cards-Thread: "Mechanical Revolution"



Picture: abb415.png

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Guest Black Fang

Sario will be Dueling in Duel#1


and how do i make like those little tabs u guys have containing deck information, i need to do that for the effects of created cards...

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Sario will be Dueling in Duel#1


and how do i make like those little tabs u guys have containing deck information' date=' i need to do that for the effects of created cards...



Spoiler tags. Copy and paste this:


[spoiler=Title of Spoilered Text Here]

lulz this is a decklist



And it will come out like this:


[spoiler=Title of Spoilered Text Here]

lulz this is a decklist



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i want to join:


Name: Ryan

Gender: Male


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 175 Lbs.

Appearance: a white guy wearing all black and red, If soul is taken over his Skin turns darker and is surrounded by a large amount of darkness

Personality:Always looking for a duel, but is Extremely Mean, for the reason, look in bio

Bio: While looking for a duel, Ryan gets possessed by a spirit, He went looking for an exorcist, but could not Exorcise this spirit, he gained so much control over the spirit, he can materialize the spirit, but not total control, if he sleeps, the spirit gets out of control, and can Injure or kill anyone, a friend of his told him about duel academy, then the first time, Ryan fell asleep, then the spirit materialized and killed his friend and 3 other people, upset after waking up, he went to Duel Academy to look for Duels, Powers: can teleport, control time, use telepathy, summon Monsters, can Initiate a darkness duel**, and can let his spirit take him over*******.

Deck: Chaos

Strategy: Yata-lock Or Special summon Envoy of Chaos


Spirit name: Doomsday Horror

Personality: Persistant and very mean

Bio: this spirit can materialize when the possessed is sleeping, this spirit also has special powers that can be used by anyone that this spirit possesses, the possessed can slow or stop time, is telepathic, and is able to teleport, and can gain powers as well, if possessed is in danger, long before, the possessed gets a tremor, severity is determined by the threat, and if in a shadow duel, he gives the possessed his true deck

Deck (Multiple Decks): Chaos (When Materialized by the possessed), Orichalos (When Materialized while Possessed is Sleeping)


the whole Chaos Deck


BLS - EotB

*CED - EotE


*Witch of the black forest


*****Des and Destruction

Painful Choice

*****Card Assailant x3

*****Envoy of Chaos

Graceful Charity

*****Des Destroyer x3

*****Des Destructor x3

*****The Evil Crystals

Pot of Greed

Burial From the Different Dimension x3

*****Double Envoy

*****Time Magician - Envoy of the Stall


*****Spell Envoy x2

*****Trap Envoy x2

*****Attire Nova - Envoy of the Mind

*****Envoy of Life

*****Envoy of Greed

*****Envoy of Greed #2

*****Embodiment of Carnage x2

*****Chaos Gold Coffin

*****Greed Chaos Envoy

*****Envoy of Time (Fusion)


Whole Orichalos Deck

****2x Divine Serpent

****3x Orichalos Shunaros

***3x Orichalos Dexia

***3x Orichalos Aristeros

***2x Orichalcos Gigas

***2x Orichalcos Malevolence

****3x Orichalcos Kyutora

*3x The Seal Of Orichalos

***2x Orichalcos Deuteros

***2x Orichalcos Tritos

1x Pot of Greed

*2x Phantom of Chaos

***2x Orichalcos Mirror

***2x Mirror Knight Calling

***3x Impact Revive

***3x Martyr Curse

2x Pot of Avarice


* = Key Cards

** = follow this link for the rules: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/showthread.php?tid=34300&page=1

*** = Anime only

**** = Anime only key cards

***** = I'll Pm You the effects

****** = the effect of the transformation: Can use his powers even if dispelled, Can summon Nomis and level 12 monsters, if in a darkness duel while in this state, he starts with 8000 instead of 4000, and deals double damage, after transforming back to his normal self, he gets knocked out.

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can i join

Name: Alexander Lyon [Nickname: Ali Lion]

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 169 Lbs





Personality: Nice and calm when not dueling, but when enraged he goes berzerk, Crazy and determined to defeat all that is know to him.

Bio: he used to live with his family on a Unkown Island, until it sunk during the battle of Jaden, and Yubel. Now he's heart is filled with hatred and depends on the Darkness inside him to defeat all Mortals with a Pure Heart (his Heart can control his body by Power [Darkness], and when he does his skin turns Black and dark fog rises from him).


Normal, Effect:

Airknight Parshath X.2

Gaurdian Angel Joan X.1

Asura Priest X.3

Banisher of the Light X.3

Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands X.1

Moisture Creature X.1

Neo-Parsath, the Sky Paladin X.1

Shining Angel X.2

Support, Effect:

Agido X.3

Gallenduo X.2

Freya, Spirit of Victory X.3


Silver Bow and Arrow X.1

Celestial Transformation X.2

Cestus of Dagla X.3

Luminous Spark X.2

Lighting Vortx X.3

Shinato's Ark X.1

Fairy of the Spring X.1

Double Attack X.2

Doulbe Spell X.3


Magical Thorn X.3

Spellbinding Circle X.3

Tower of Babel X.1

Synthetic Seraphim X.3

Solemn Wishes X.2

Remove Brainwashing X.1


Shinato, King of a Higher Plane



The Evil Deck i will post later

Stadegy: Finish the Opponent without losing Life-Points (he figures out a way all the time).

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Ok here he is,

Name: William Zera

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Duelist Rank: First year obilisk blue

IQ: 242

He is very conferdent in dueling but when it comes down to people he's a total lose. William started dueling when yugi moto chalenged him to a duel. His deck (at that point) had all the toon cards and the all powerful relinquished. Surprised at his victory over yugi he went to the Duel Academy enterance exam. He scored 100% and because of his victory over yugi, the king of games, (on his first duel!) he was admited straight to obilisk blue. At his time at Duel Academy he was turned into a shadow rider, obtained the sacred beasts, obtained a milenium item and got all the destiny hero cards and elemental hero cards. After his time at duel academy he whwn on to be a pro and also became the king of games.

That is pobably his life story, I will be posting his new destiny cards soon and toon cards. Please, Please can I join.

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