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Some cards I found in random folders.


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Seriously, I've made way too many cards already. Oh, and the folder really was named Random. No wonder I just found them now.


Unfortunately these aren't as good as my most recent ones, but I like the pics, so I'll put them up. Apparently most of them are based on... wow, high ATK. Original. Not.


Oh, and I know we've all seen the pics before. I hadn't back when I used them. (Will anybody even read this before rating the cards? My guess is not... :P)




Oh, and Kurokaze literally means Blackwind. But I'm prettier than he is. :P

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Eh, for random cards they certainly are nice. ^_^

Great images, well thought out effects, great theme of each card.

What more can I say?


P.S> I would give you a rep right now rewarding you for your great cards. Unfortunately, I have exceeded my rep limit for today, you'll have to wait till tomorrow. =P

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Yeah, I was wondering about Berserker and how much he should have. I gave him 2500 because it can beat the Monarchs when it comes out, and be creamed by CyDra afterwards. But alright, I'll change it to 2400.


Wow, ratings from 3 famous members in a row. Flattered I am. :D

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