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I Need One Banner Please

Diableos Auros

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I did post this in the requests thread but if nobody looks at my post then I might not get them so I'm posting them here just to be safe.


Here's the information for the Banner I want:


Text On Graphic: [[ On the left hand side put - Silver. On the right hand side put - Darkness and in the bottem middle put - Corporation. ]]

Sub-Text On Graphic: [[ None. ]]

Images For Graphic: [[ A Silver the Hedgehog picture - Credit to Sonic Channel A Shadow the Hedgehog picture - Credit to Sonic Channel. ]]

Size Of Graphic: [[ The banner will be for my Signature so can it please be smaller than 500x300 pixels as that is the maximum and but please can it be quite big.. ]]

Type Of Graphic: [[ Its just a banner to link to one of my threads. ]]

Requested Artist: [[ I don't mind, as long as they can make really good banners ^^. ]]

Other Comments: [[ Can you make the background all swirly with dark and light colours in it e.g. black,grey,red and white,cyan,silver etc. Also can you have the Silver the Hedgehog picture on the left with the 'Silver' text and on the right put the Shadow the Hedgehog picture with the 'Darkness' text and put the 'Corporation' text in the bottem middle inbetween 'Silver' and 'Darkness'. Also can the 'Silver' text be white with a cyan glow and can the 'Darkness' text be black with a red glow and for the 'Corporatio' can that be cyan text with a black glow and make sure all the text is medium sized. One more thing, if the pictures are too big then resize them but don't let them lose focus and keep them looking normal.]]


If you don't get it then try your best and show it to me so I can see what you've done and if I have to ask for some changes.


This one will be bought for 5 points :D.

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