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Domino High


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this fan fic is about duelist in domino city around the time 30 years after yu-gi-oh. If anyone would like to add a character, or sub story line, that would fit in, pm me.


~Pro log~


Domino City, a world famous now for raising two World Champions in the last 30 years. Kibia Corp. in this time had became the second Largest business in America, so it would seem logical for all Kibia Corp. to move it's operations to America. In it's replacement now stands Neo Corp. A new business that strives towards making new games.


Domino High Three years ago became duel school on top of normal learning. our story starts with a boy moving to the town of domino. his name was James, who was an amateur duelist. he was kid of 15 years old, brown hair, small. Today was his First day At Domino High.



~story 1 - new kid, old town ~


"class i Would like to introduce you, to a new student, Jame Atem. the teacher said. I looked around the room for an empty seat, i found one in the back left hand corner of the room, but i didn't like the person i saw. he was big, rough looking, and had hands like bricks. Unfortunately for me their was no other place, so i took a deep breath and went over their. It was hard not to hear the whispering revolving me already. I went and sat down and could not Notice the dirty looks the boy i was sitting next to gave me. I got the Courage to say hi to him, but he just ignored me. the bell went and i made my way to my first lesson of the day.


my lessons past quickly, and it was time for break. I went out onto the school grounds trying to look for someone that i could introduce myself to, but their was no one who i would want to introduce myself to. I went to turn around and someone shouted at me " oi,why anit you trying to make friends." I turned around and it was a rough looking kid about my height. I then replied " well everyone here looks like they are going to fight me." the kid started laughing and then replied " that sounds about right for most people in this school, but trust only a couple will, by the way i'm Mathew and you are?" i replied that i am James. Mathew then said " well come with me to meet my friends." so i followed him inside the school, to room 108.


" who's this chump!" said the the person who i was sitting next to this morning. "ol yer, your the new kid James, anyway who said you are allowed in here?" he said. Then Mathew said " shut up Jake, hes new, he needs someone to talk to, anyway last year you were the new kid and we alloud you in our group." jake then replied " yer but not after the Ordeal i went through." the others sniccered, and another kid said " well if you didn't find the duelmania you would still be a lonely kid, anyway i agree with you abit he does need to prove himself i some form." Mathew then said " wow, couldn't you just ask him to duel you josh?" I then spoke out " well who do i have to duel?" at that moment jake stod up, and said " well duel me."


we talked over to the table which had a duel mat on. everyone else crowed around the table.




( ok their is just a taster at the monent i am making a new duel system wich you can watch. )

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