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Soldiers of Chaos! (Now with 100% less Ritual)

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So, as I stated on the new BLs cards' thread, I believe the best way to build BLS-themed Deck is to completely forgo the Ritual engine and focus on Sacred BLS. After a lot of brainwork, I was finally able to assemble a playable build, though I'm still open to suggestions:




Main Deck (40)


Monsters (16)

3x Sacred BLS

1x BLS

3x LMG

3x Awakened Gaia

3x Galloping Gaia

3x Herald of Creation


Spells (21)

1x Allure

1x Transmodify

3x Trade-In

1x Monster Gate

2x Sword of 7 Stars

3x Hidden Armory

2x Terraforming

1x Foolish

1x D.D. Burial

2x D.D.R.

1x Phoenix Blade

3x Chaos Field


Traps (3)

3x Shield of the Supreme Warrior 


Extra Deck (15)

Not feeling like listing its contents, you should probably guess what goes into it based on the main deck monsters' levels, and it's not like I use it frequently anyway.

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After a little testing, I've come to the conclusion that this deck will only see more play once Monster Gate goes up on the list.

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