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From Victory to Oblivion: INFINITY [Application Thread] [Not Started/Time Limited RP/Limited Acceptance] [PG-16]

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Game Theme: This Game




Applications Close: 14th November 2015

Start Date: 16th November 2015

End Date: 14th - 28th December 2015


There is NO interest check because it's time-limited. ALL slots will need to be filled before I can start.



Did you know? There's a time-limited event coming..? Oh, you didn't?


Whilst Hell was breaking loose on the other side, a tournament is being held in the Infinity Arena to see who comes out on top and claiming the title of the 'Most Strongest'. You will pit yourselves against each other in hopes of keeping your supremacy but do you have what it takes?


There will be twelve contestants. Any loose spaces will be filled up by one of our famed characters who would be forced to take part. Bear in mind that they are old farts that no one remembers any more...


Set in 2060, there's really only two locations you need to worry about as opposed to a tiring thirteen from all other titles. The Gateway to Infinity, which prepares you for this event. This is where you meet with other contestants and wish them luck for the battle. Then, it's the Infinity Arena which takes you to battle ensuring that no one comes back alive.


So, are you ready to prove how good you really are?


If so, then prepare yourselves from home, equip yourselves and give it the best you have. Bring home the trophy you long for and become the strongest.


If not, then you need to stay home. This tournament is not for the unprepared.


So, what's in store?


You will be waiting at the Gateway to Infinity and wait for the MC to lead you down to the arena then you will fight until the very end. Remember that there are no second chances. Once you're defeated, it's back to the Gateway where you watch the other contestants fight to claim the prize.


With the introduction done, I wish you Good Luck and embrace what's ahead of you. this is going to be a fun ride...






Tournament Table





1. All other YCM rules apply, please follow them at the very least.


2. Advanced Clause is compulsory in this RP. The recommended word count for each post is 250-3000 although I will allow 10% more/less words.


3. This is of course a time-limited RP, which has never been implemented until now. I just hope it works well. Oh, and being that, there's Limited Acceptance too. No more than 12 players please.


3a. As well as the twelve contestants taking part, I will accept one character to join mine as an MC. Just keep me informed if you want to reserve a place.


4. Multiple Characters are accepted, but please don't make more than you can handle.


5. Please make sure your app is tidy before you submit them (e.g, removing parenthesis when asked, etc.)


6. You can ask me for advice via PM when it comes to making your app but do be aware that I cannot accept or deny your app if you intend to submit to me from there.


7. And... Have fun. This RP is only there for six weeks at most after it starts. Make the most of it!


EXPLICIT language will be in this RP, so... Be warned. If you want the full experience, then you will need VIP Membership or 10k or more posts during your time on YCM.





Please feel free to tweak this skeleton to however you please. Bonus points for creativity.


Character Quote Here










Appearance: (One short paragraph will suffice here.)


Personality: (Again, one short paragraph will suffice here.)


Biography: (Two paragraphs. Please try to cover where/when your character was born, family, where he/she inherited his/her powers from, etc.)


Weapon Information: (Type of Weapon, Name of Weapon, Appearance, Background, Elements, Previous Owners and Excluse Abilities if any.)


Origin RP: (Please reference here if your character is from a different RP. If your character is FVTO-exclusive (From Victory to Oblivion), then feel free to leave this blank. Your character's replica will go into our records later.)


Miscellaneous: (Theme Tune, extra notes that we need to know, etc.)





[spoiler=1. Chaotic Angel]

First Character: Daisuke Tachibana (MC)




























IC Thread

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