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To My Beloved, I Hope to Die [Planning/PG-16]


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Why Hello there, my name is Frybread002, but if I like you enough, you can call me...whatever nickname tickles your fancy.


So for some time, this idea of a story has been bugging me and I just really want to tell it. The problem is, I don't want to start this story from stratch because I am afraid of wanting to abadoning it later on. Also, I can already tell that this project is massive in scope, but too massive for one guy like me to be able to handle. So that is why I want to make this story into a role-play. I have no problem with taking this idea into the Creative Commons and recieve feedback from there, but honestly, I don't trust myself with my own story. Hopefully, I hope you will be able to help me tell this story.





Story Synopsis:

In the aftermath of a world wide catastrophe, humanity is reeling back from ashes after mankind was nearly wiped out. In the face of extinction, billions of people have banded together to survive, betrayed each other and killed each other. Needless to say, another billion or more have already died as this catastrophe neared its end.


With a new world ahead of them, the remnants of the old world still clutched the hearts of the many; talking about world government in general, numerous countries in the old world struggled to live during the catastrophe, that they became corrupt and perverse. Believing that they should have some control in the new world, the corrupted governments used the last remaining resources in its regime to kidnap millions of people into institutions that would instill the perverted teaching that the corrupted governments now believe in


So being inspired by many great shows and video games such as Final Fantasy Type-0, The Future Diary, The Walking Dead and many others along the line of drama, action, survival and horror, I really want to try making one. The idea is that mankind suffered extinction, but survived. In many of the references I have just mentioned, they all handle the end of the world and how humanity loses its humanity. However, they either start the story in the begining of the crisis or in the middle. I want to do something different and start the story near the end, where humanity has hope for survival.


One of the ideas that really struck me, was to have the biggest threat to humanity, was itself.

Through some miracles, many of the world governments have survived and started to rebuild. Through the calamity that they survived, many of these governments became corrupt in the process. Since many of these governments still have some type of resources to be spent, they decided to rebuild. However, they are going to be bodies, lots of them. Abducting survivors from different groups to work as slaves rebuilding, the newest practice that these corrupt governments are doing, is kidnapping kids and indoctrinating them into a new life against their free will.


The only problem...is that I don't have a lot of experience in doing role-plays like this. In fact, many of the other role plays I have done, were action orieinted and driven by said action. In this case, I really want the help.

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Your theme isn't fully fleshed out.  Or at least, not enough for me to grasp at what you're aiming for.  I see post-apocalyptic, but that's it.  A bit more detail and I might be able to suggest a few things.

Oie!? Thank you for the input, and as you can see, it nothing but a mess at this point, so that's why I want the help. 


Generally speaking, what I am aiming for, is that humanity survived extinction and trying to rebuild what the world was like before the calamity. For those that survived, many lost their humanity and become monsters (morally speaking). In fact, the ideal scenario is that many people in the position of power lost their humanity and trying to rebuild humanity in whatever detestable and ghoulish way they see it. Hence, the way they are rebuilding, is corrupt and what they are rebuilding, is a monster.


Normally speaking, people would be like "Yo guys, we have this wacko in charge. Let's take him out", but said people are the powerless and live in isolated groups of nomads.


The way the corrupted people in charge are rebuilding, is that they are kidnapping people as slaves and forcing them to rebuild. If they are a kid, they are sent to a prison school where they are indoctrinated into the idealogical views of the corrupted people in power. Adults are either indoctrinated teachers themselves who were captured and teach the kids or the workers who do...worker related stuff...I haven't got that far yet.


I really want to emphasis the prison school and have it be the center of attention for this entire story. Where players take control of a student/inmate and attempt to survive the hellish nightmare of the prison school.

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