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The Many Wacky Comboz of Terrortop, err I mean Zodiac Beast Discussion!

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Zodiac Beast is a new archetype revealed in Raging Tempest (RATE). People think they're bad (mainly r/yugioh and /dng/). Too bad they are wrong, because the amount of combos and field flood this deck can perform is absolutely ridiculous. Yeah they lose to Kaiju and Raigeki and whatever but so does every deck, and the KAIJU excuse is so overdone.
I assume people already read the cards and thus I will not go on a long ramble like MegaCapG about how this deck is great and how its gonna be the best thing ever blah blah. So here's a summarized analysis of every Zodiac Beast card
S/T - Only good card is the one that e-tele a zodiac from deck which you get molmorat to start your combos the trap is better than avarice but you don't want to clog too much the field is s*** don't bother
Drancia - THICC AF WAIFU (1-3)
Tigress - You play it because you need to combo or you are a pedophile with s*** taste smh tbh fam (1-2)
Bullhorn - Contend among the best, literally could almost replace tiger king if it didnt lock you from dropping Hirume (1-3)
Wildbow - You'll never trigger it (1)
Ram - Nah (0)
Rabbina - s*** taste (0)
Thouroughblade - only run 0 or 1 and that is because you need it for the good stats (0-2)
Viper - Pretty good tbh (3)
Molmorat - The MVP of the deck, lets you combos, perform wacky s***, etc. What was konami printing this when they made this card? (3)
The true MVP though, is Speedroid Terrortop
Yeah this ain't a zodiac card, but the ability to go into invoker and then drop molmorat from deck is straight up ridiculous. This card is the enabler to almost every combo in so many decks, and it shines the best in zodiacs. There are number of things that bothers me when people say Zodiacs are bad, for example,
DRACNEA TARGETS AND DESTROY FACEUP - First off, yeah it pops and destroys but its DURING EITHER PLAYER'S TURN. That itself is good enough to disrupt plays. All these shitters who said its bad just don't play the game and is merely participating in internet arguments for the sake of their Ego
OMG TERRORTOP IS BROKEN - Yeah terrortop is broken, and?
WHY DO YOU RUN BEARMAN - This guy on r/yugioh doesn't even take one look to read the goddamn card
IT DIES TO KAIJU - Every deck does?
MAXX "C" - Yeah run Bubble Crash or Heavy Slump or just Manticore of Darkness your way out
TERRORTOP DRAW 3 IS SO BROKEN - Yeah that is pretty cool, but you know that there are OTHER combos you can pull off in zodiacs besides just dropping gianttrainer right? If you go second you cannot use giant trainer, you have to kill your opponent's field so you make titanic or something like that. There are much more annoying fields that can be established with a 1 card terrortop than just a 2800 vanilla, a 1600 vanilla, and a 0 atk quick pop. 
This chart below I guess is to show what Zodiac Beast I can do. I was going to write a combo list but seeing the chart is better for me as I waste less time and better for you as you can learn it yourself instead of needing to be spoonfed. 

Anyway yeah discuss Zodiacs also this is not endorsed by Ted Cruz.


EDIT: Oh s*** my man jacobblue pointed out a mistake


I forgot to remove nirvana high paladin thats a 2 card combo for it to work, this does not work as a 1 card combo.


EDIT #2: Hi r/yugioh, more is coming tomorrow

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[spoiler=Response #1]

Yeah the fact that you don't understood it its your fault figure it out. I used to be patient but every time someone asks a dumb question my brain cells dies a little so I dedicated myself to avoiding bad players and having to repeat myself why I play such cards.

[spoiler=Response #2]

First off, f*** you Essedarii is great.

Secondly, yeah I need to use Red-Eyed Dice and Shiba/Scrap Goblin, but the Corebage and Meteorburst Combo doesn't run f***ing Red-eyed Dice, and I'm offended you even mention Fire Fist Boar that card is trash. You are off by a long shot

[spoiler=Response #3]

I am defending myself by telling him he's wrong for assuming I use red-eyed dice and boar for a combo that doesn't even use red-eyed dice or boar. Also figure it out. Spoon feeding doesn't help.

[spoiler=Response #4]

Do teachers give answers to the homeworks and then tell the kids to have a good day? Or they give the idea and make the kid practice themselves? I'm giving you the chart here. Just figure it out. Learning by doing is best.

[spoiler=Response #5]

Yeah I'll give it to ya that i use Boar for meteorburst, but you are still wrong about me using goyo defender to summon rank 3. The rank 3 combos don't need goyo defender, especially Corebage. I sound like I'm full of s*** but you can figure it out yourself if it doesn't run Goyo Defender or red-eyed dice, what other level 3 beast-warriors out there that exists.


You're still wrong, I make rank 3 without using Leopard or Goyo Defender.



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Now you see people abusing the Lunalight technique and combo to go into norden + mother grizzly into bahamut treatoad, or they are using it in pendulum based deck to fuel more engine searching.


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