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Yu-Gi-Oh: Seekers Hunt

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Seekers Hunt is a fanfic based around my original card designs. After making several, I began to write fluff for them to spice them up and give a better understanding to the feel of the sets i designed. From that was born, this. I'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination but I enjoy writing and so for my own enjoyment, I'm posting these, yay! Read if you so wish, comment if you want to but keep in mind I'm a rookie :P 


[spoiler=Chapter 1 - New Glory]


Dim lamp light illuminated the small, dusty room with shadows dancing off the broken machinery and discarded scrap as the flame flickered in the slow breeze drifting through the broken window. A worn desk was tucked in the corner with more scraps of metal and wires scattered over the marked surface with a small radio nestled within them projecting the sound of static. Hunched over the desk was a lithe framed girl, her eyes, red with exhaustion, fixed on the watch like device in her hands and with surgeon like precision adjusting a small dial inside. Rae's trance was broken as a tap came from the corrugated iron door, followed by her friend, Taka poking his head through the crack. “Rae” he said quietly “They're back” The girl looked up from her desk and gave a faint smile before standing and strapping the watch to her wrist.
“How long have they been back?” she said
“Not long, an hour maybe” Taka replied.
The sky was dark as they left the small building, the moonlight basking the near empty streets in a white glow. Those who were out this late gave silent nods before scurrying back to their homes. The settlement of New Glory was small compared to others dotted across the arid landscape, it was founded in the ruins of a old farming community that was long destroyed. The people made their homes in the shells of ancient and decrepit buildings, built walls from scrap metal of the old world and made a living scavenging the ruins of the bigger cities. It didn't take long for the pair to arrive at the gates where a small crowd had already gathered, mostly traders shouting offers to the group in the centre of the circle. As they approached, Rae forced her way to the group and into the middle and smiled “Ander”

Ander had been the one to raise Rae after their parents passed away whilst seeking supplies for New Glory seven years ago. He had watched her grow from a timid nine year old girl to the stubborn teenager she had become. Seeing her, her brother moved forward and embraced her in a hug. “Sorry it took so long” he said quietly into her ear and pulling her closer to him.

“Trouble” she said pulling back and tilting her head to look into his travel worn eyes. Anders was taller than her by a foot but apart from that, the two looked identical. He had her raven hair and emerald eyes and it was from him, Rae had adopted her stubbornness and ability to find trouble regardless of the situation. It was that knack for trouble that had led him to become a seeker, searching the world for souls who could be trapped in the duel wrist and used as cards in a deadly sport called duel monsters. Her brother nodded his head but it was quickly followed by a shrug.
“Nothing we couldn't handle”
“Another barrier has dropped” She said quietly. Glancing around at the group, Ander grabbed her arm and pulled her through the crowd and away from earshot.
“Three days ago. From what I've heard they're not letting people in yet, they're saving it for a Seekers hunt” Ander had his eyes set on her but she knew he wasn't looking, he was seeng past her, lost in thought and she knew why. “I'm coming too” she said.
“No way. There is no way you're putting a single foot in that city. It's too dangerous, you of all people should know that”
“You can't stop me” lifting her arm, Rae flashed the small silver device so that her brother could see it. “It was my birthday five days ago, I'm sixteen and accepted. I'm a seeker now, Ander. Me and Taka” She stated, folding her arms across her chest and throwing a glance towards her friend who was slinking into the shadows at the mention of his name, he never did like conflict. Her brother stood silent. He had never wanted Rae to join the seekers, he never intended for her to follow in the footsteps of him or their parents. There was no doubting that she had skills when it came to duelling and she was born with the same gift as everyone with her blood, but the life of a seeker wasn't meant for her. “I'm sorry Ander” she said, grabbing his hand in hers and squeezing it softly “But I need to do this”

Minutes passed with no more said until Ander sighed and grabbed his sisters arm, lifting it so he could closer inspect her duel wrist. It was a small disk with a tiny glass circle on the side which was used to project the card slots when duelling. Pressing his thumb against a button on the side, a small chip slid out of the device. Rae watched her brother slip the chip into his own duel wrist causing the small LED display to light up, sending a green glow across his lean features. His fingers deftly moved across the surface and then a small hologram appeared, floating in the air above the duel wrist. The hologram was of a wolf, smaller than the rest of her monsters and dashed in a multitude of colours, like it had been bathed in a rainbow. “His name is Miso. I found it when I was scavenging. He's not very strong, but he's a wolf, so he's yours”. Anders ejected Rae's disk and pressed it into her palm. “I don't want you going, Rae. I don't want you anywhere near danger but if you're going to the metropolis, you're going to need as much card data as you can get”
“Thank you, Ander” she said as her eyes found his once again “I'll be fine. I have everything you, mom and dad taught me. Besides, I'm awesome.”
“Yeah, of course you are” he said softly with a chuckle“Head on home, I'm going to deal with the leeches and then I'll be back” Ruffling her hair, Ander smiled and made his way back into the crowd of traders that had grown considerably smaller during their exchange. Taka stepped up besides her and entwined his fingers in hers.
“Guess we're going to a city” He said with a nervous laugh. Rae nodded and turned around, pulling the boy with her towards the strip of yellow dawn quickly rising over New Glory.


Rae was awoken by a hand on her shoulder shaking softly. Her eyes fluttered open and with a groan she sat up as Ander made his way out of the room. Kicking her way out of the tussled sheets, Rae blew out the no longer needed oil lamp now that the sunlight was streaming through the shattered window and stood, throwing on her usual attire of dark combat trousers and a dingy white shirt. New Glory was different during the day. Tables, crates, boxes and all manner of surfaces were cramped together under torn and dirty white sheets acting as canopies. The scent of burning meat floated through the air and the sizzle of fat dripping into the open flames were drowned out beneath the screams of traders trying to herd customers to their stock. The people of New Glory were as you'd expect living in the wastes of the world. Most wore tattered clothes, patches of brighter colours where holes had been mended. Hats and goggle were worn by all to protect from the clouds of dust whipped into the air by the constant wind blowing through the husk of the old village.
She found Anders soon after bartering with a portly man wearing red silk robes, hairline receding with what was left of his locks brushed to one side to cover the signs of age. The trader sat in front of a table lined with clear glass cases that contained hundreds of data chips, holding valuable duel monster cards.
“That's crazy!” Anders said, his hands planted firmly on the table as he leant towards the rotund trader “These are basic chips and you want four bottles?”
“My dear boy, data chips are becoming rarer around these parts. You and your Seekers have harvested all the souls for miles so my prices have raised. It's basic supply and demand, you understand?” The trader said, his face curling into a sneer and his sausage like fingers running over the golden chain at his neck. Behind him two men stood with steel batons in their hands and had quite obviously drawn them out when Anders became angry. “I'll tell you what, boy. I'll duel you. If you win, I'll lower the price by two bottles and if I win, I get your data chip”
“Deal” Ander said with a grin as they shook hands.


The duel was over before anyone had realised it had begun. The trader dropped to his knees, eyes wide with the shock of his defeat. Pulling two bottles of water from his bag, Ander dropped them onto the ground and took the two data disks that had been wagered. As he walked past, he handed them to his sister, a smile of satisfaction on his face.
“You got new cards?” Rae asked as she hurried to keep up with her brother. The battle had started with the trader summoning three monsters and raising their attack. Each time their attack rose the man expected a reaction but Ander and didn't give a hint of reaction. Eventually her brother had his turn and his monsters seemed to leap from nowhere with each move perfectly planned. His fingers swiped around the projections at lightening speed and victory came easy. The trader had a vast array of cards to choose from, but quantity doesn't overcome quality.
“Elves” her brother said quietly “We found a gathering two weeks travel away and stayed to harvest them. That's why we were so long” stopping at one of the cook fires, Anders ordered two servings before turning back towards his sister “You should never be thinking about the strength of your opponents cards. Always keep your mind on the strength of your own. No matter how strong the opposition may be, believe in the heart of the cards and you'll find a way to overcome any situation your enemy can throw at you” The food came quickly and the two hungrily tore into the meat “Make sure you remember that, Rae. You're going to need it at the Seekers Hunt”




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