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Important Question (What Will I Do, Where Will I Go As A Writer?)

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Writing is very difficult for me but has its rewards. I spent many years crafting a world I hope is strong and enduring. I spent a lot of time with character development, world-building, and brooding over all themes in my writings. I hope I express them well. I try very hard to write a great Yugioh series. Yes, they're fanfics, but I've been a Yugioh fan for more than a decade now, and I've always seen a lot of depth and potential in the original series.


But sometimes I feel I'm working a thankless job. I'm glad for all the views I get but I really wish I got more feedback sometime. About 3 years ago a person made a satire of my first chapter. The satire is dumb - I can satirize my own writing better than he can. - but I appreciate it in the sense that it is the biggest response my stories ever got.


I really wish I got more feedback and more popularity overall. Do you, dear readers, have any tips or advice you could give me to make my writing more popular or with more responses? If you think my stories are missing something important or if something is unappealing, can you please tell me?


I want my story to be popular and deeply ingrained in people's hearts, and I try very hard to make it so. I know my writing isn't perfect, and I even think it is downright awkward at times, but I always try to improve. Hell, I already have a lot of ideas on how to revamp first "season" and make it much better. It was my first attempt at writing a book work. Writing is a work in progress. Maybe I'm asking for too much or have a distorted perception of what's happening.


Any ideas?


Season 2:


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