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Pepsi Man

The Multiverse Adventures of Pepsi Man.

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My tale is a tragic tale of betrayal and a lost soul... I shall recount what had transpired from the time of being banished from my home dimension to the time of returning to it. Let us begin.

I was running my rounds, delivering Pepsi to the world. That day, I was running the rounds in Washington D.C., giving the president a nice cooler of Cherry Pepsi, visiting Congress, the usual. I stopped in front of the Lincoln Memorial to crack open a can of Pepsi, when I heard a voice. 
"Howdy!" Looking down, I saw a small golden flower with a face. "You're Pepsi Man, aren't you?" He asked. "I need your help!" A flower, needing my help? This was a new one, but I decided to roll with it.
"Of course, small flower! How can I help?I asked, standing up and taking a drink of cool, refreshing Pepsi. 
"Someone I know is almost dying of thirst! They need your help! I'd do it myself... but...," he flapped his little leaf hands. Of course... he didn't have the strength to carry a can. So after receiving instructions on how to find this person named Black, I ran off, determined to help the poor man dying of thirst. 

It didn't take long. It was an unassuming house, normal in every way. I grabbed hold of the door, which was locked. Something was not right. Either he was not home, or he was so thirsty, he was stuck in place and could not open the door! Summoning the power of Pepsi, I broke open the door. The house... was quiet.

I took a step inside. I couldn't see any signs of life here... what was going on? I walked through the living room. It seemed liked no had even sat on their couch for days. I headed for the kitchen, and went to open the door to his refrigerator. It was stocked with things like meats, milk, but no Pepsi! It took only a minute to correct that horrible mistake, but it took only a minute to strike. I heard a cry of pain from upstairs. Using my Pepsi speed, I rushed up the stairs towards a bedroom, where I saw a horrible sight. 

A golden flower looming over a dead body.
"I owe you a HUGE thanks," The flower said. "You really did a number on that door and mystical enchantment. If it weren't for you, I NEVER could have gotten past it. But now, with YOUR help...he's DEAD. And I'VE got the human's SOUL!" I couldn't believe it... I was tricked? My love of helping others and delivering Pepsi was turned against me? How dare he? How DARE he?
I cracked open a can of Pepsi, but instead of taking a drink I swung it forwards. For a brief moment the Pepsi hung in the air before the delicious beverage pulled itself back together in a long slender shape. With a flourish, I held the can aloft as the Pepsi is forming itself into the blade of a katana. I brought my arm and Pepsiblade to rest at my side and said aloud with a quiet fury, "Taste my blade."


"You IDIOT!" The flower stated mockingly. "With, I have the power of a GOD! I could erase you with just a thought... but you seem very determined...," With a wicked grin, the flower stood tall. "Let's see how well that determination helps you!" Suddenly, a portal opened beneath me, and I was flung into a vortex of darkness. 

The darkness engulfed me... it was oppressive, trying to make me submit. It took all my Pepsi Power to stay alive... but the soul crushing darkness soon weakened me... causing me to close my eyes... I was falling... falling...



End of Prologue. 

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