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The Wanderer Short Story (PG-13) (Updated 11/4/16)

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                MY NAME IS MARK. I don't have a home, or planet to be honest. I spend my days wandering through the vast galaxy I was born in. Uropa is the name. I study the many solar systems within it to gain knowledge. I visit many unique civilizations, and study their culture, government, and economy. But then one day, everyone thing went wrong.


      After exploring a planet called Unoria, I decided that it was time I visited a neighboring galaxy, the milky way. I explored every speck of Uropa, and eventually became bored. I slept on Unoria that night, where the villagers of Syrium, provided me with a place to sleep and food to eat. The next morning, I put on my black "space explorer" jacket along with some black sweat pants. I looked in a mirror and noticed how nappy my blonde hair looked, and how red my usually black eyes were. Of course, I couldn't do anything about it, comes don't exist in Uropa. (I still don't understand how humans of earth even use comes. They hurt A LOT.) I climbed onto my spaceship which looked more like an Army Jet. I pushed the red start button and Sped out of the planet. After a few days of travelling, I turned on Auto-Pilot and rested for the day. 


     I woke up the next morning and saw the gas tank at 1%. Panicking, I quickly turned on power-save but I was too late. The ship lost fuel and was a floating object in space. Without gas, the oxygen stopped pumping. The air got thin in just 10 minutes. I was thinking that I would die there, I thought it was the end. As the air got thinner, I counted down the minutes I had to live. At the moment when I could barely breath, I saw two ships outside of my window. The ships had the words "RESCUE" imprinted on it. I knew it was probably from Unoria so I opened my window and jumped into the rescue ship.When I looked back at my ship, I saw it explode. "Get ready for a rough ride, our enemies followed us." The driver said with an uneasy look on his face. I hung on to a pole that was inside of the small room I was in. The driver twisted and turned the rescue ship, trying to dodge the many small missiles being shot at the ship. The driver turned left to dodge an asteroid and got hit in the wing by a missile. "We've been hit! We're going to crash land in Sector C, Solar System 675 of the Milky Way Galaxy!" The driver said screaming. Although, getting to the milky way WAS my original goal, I was still frightened when I heard "crash land".



     We were being pulled in by a big orange planet's gravity and was swung out towards a orange sun that was very small compared to the stars I have seen in Uropa. We were pulled in by another planet's gravity. It looked blue and green with a few white spots here and there. We were falling onto it's land just passing it's atmosphere. The ship was on fire completely and the pilot passed out. There was a big explosion. I was hurting all over my body and couldn't stand up. I accepted death and fainted. When I woke up I was being zapped in my chest by some kind of machine plugged into some kind of power source. "Ah! What the?" I yelled. I was in a white room and a man in a white cloak who called himself a "doctor" greeted me. "Hello, I am Dr. Manning," He  said. I jumped out of the bed that I was in and ran out of that room. I was in a long blue shirt, with NO pants on. Why do humans heal themselves with NO pants on? I don't get it. In Uropa, all the villages just placed their hands on my head and healed me. I never had to take my pants off. 



       I got tired and stopped. I saw big buildings around me and a lot of humans walking around. I didn't know what they were so I asked. "Excuse me, what are you?" I asked a random woman. The woman got angry and inflicted force upon my cheek. It hurt.

Are all female humans like that? I asked her a simple question and got pain as an answer. I pulled out a notebook and wrote down a scale of 1-100. It read: Pain "Things" inflict on this planet - 56 Pain the gravity from the fall inflicted - 87 Cold.. 100. As I walked down the sidewalk, in a hospital robe, people looked at me like I was some kind of alien. THEY were the aliens here. (To me at least..) I spotted a man walking towards me with two glass-like lenses I believe you call glasses. I asked the man if I could see the glasses, expecting him to say yes and give them to me. But instead, he walked away from me, brushing me off as if I was a child.



         I realized that standing out so weirdly might draw some attention from their government and security. I suspected that even an intoxicated person would at least be able to know what a sidewalk is. I tried to stand firm and blend in with the crowd, but I always got strange looks from people, almost as if they knew I did not originate from their planet. I went to the library; still dressed in my hospital clothes to read some books about the human body. (I needed to. I couldn't even tell the difference between male and female.) I learned about the reproductive system in both males and females which surprised me. Back in Uropa, you did not need to have intercourse to make kids. In fact; women there did not have to go through pregnancy. Similar to birds on your planet, women in Uropa lay eggs. (Sexual intercourse doesn't even exist in Uropa. But the book described it as pleasureful.)


          I spent about 2 hours in the library, gaining knowledge on the human body and Earth. I found it funny how humans have the constant threat of ISIS and Global warming to deal with. Not to mention the fact that there is a Super Volcano in an amusement park somewhere need Arizona. At first the problems did scare me. I realized it could happen at anytime so I wanted to leave the planet quickly. I read books about solutions to the problem but I knew that nothing was being done. That explained why it feels like it's 100 degrees outside in the morning. Take care of your planet disgusting species.


          "What is the currency of this planet?" I asked a woman.

          "Sir, with all due respect you should know what our currency is. She replied.

          "Yeah, well I don't, so enlighten me."

          She sighed. "The world doesn't have one currency. There are different varieties of currency in each continent."

          "A continent? Look lady, can I have just have some money please?"

          She gave 10 green strips of paper called dollars. 



        I looked up in the sky and realized night would soon fall. I needed to find shelter. I desperately looked for any place to stay in. Every time I knocked on someone's door, instead of inviting me in, they would become hostile; threatening to call the police, which I assumed was the security around here. 










Sorry I lost time to continue. (No Mark is not my real name. I originally going to name the character Zero but I wanted him to have a normal name.) 



To Be Continued...

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