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Yugioh! Duel Bonds Part 1 (PG 12)

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Tyo (Tie-Oh) ran as fast as possible, the doors were closing. "Shuzo, SHUZO!" He called after his sensei. "Yes Tyo!" He replied with a cheery voice. "Yuya, Yuzu, where are they?" He asked, clearly concerned. "Their... ummm, tell ya later, BYE!" He shouted hastily and ran out of the school. Ty looked in complete astonishment. "Stupid excuses, stupid school!" He muttered under his breath. He slowly paced down the hallway to the open set of doors. The sidewalk was empty, but he didn't mind feeling alone, his 2 good friends were gone, Shuzo knew, but wouldn't tell him. He opened the door to his house, and heard a short creak before it stopped, leaving the house eerily silent. "MOM, DAD!" He shouted as he closed the door, no reply. That wasn't unusual though, his parents were usually out in pubs. He sadly walked upstairs into his room and shut the door, flying down on his bed, moping. "Ugh!"  He Moaned before proceeding to scroll through his deck. "Yuya Sakaki, My best friend, created a brand new summoning technique, but i feel like i betrayed him, i mean, I myself asked LEO to make me pendulum monsters.


​"Please, Yuya's Got them, and i've thought of a way the could help my Deck!"


"What a complete idiot i was." he thought. "Tyo! Tyo!" He heard a voice call. "Kysara!" He called back. His younger sister had walked into the house. "How was lessons?" She asked politely, but he could see her smirking. "Good, Shuzo gave me new Pendulum Monsters!" He lied, he didn't want to give his sister the satisfaction of knowing he asked LEO to make them, since she was a top student there. She smirked at him through her Black hair, illuminating her Deep Blue eyes. "Hah, you think i didn't know about the fact you asked LEO to make new pendulum cards, Hah, i got some too!" She snorted at her brother. Tyo glared at her. "Fine then, we'll see, Let's duel!" Tyo retorted as they ran into their basement, were their real solid vision machine was. 


"Is Mom and Dad home?" Kysara Asked. Tyo shook his head, visibly annoyed. "They really need to stop going out!" He roared



Tyo: 4000.


Kysara: 4000


"I go first, i set the pendulum scale's with Scale 7 Spirit Synchronizer - Stardust and  Scale 2 Spirit Synchronizer - Nova. I pendulum summon ,appear my monsters! 

Spirit Synchronizer - Crystal, Spirit Synchronizer - Yang and finally Spirit Synchronizer - QL!, Now i tune my Level 2 Spirit Synchronizer - Yang with Crystal and QL

Finest monster, who's strength is beyond that of any monster, unleash your true power and show justice to our foes, SYNCHRO SUMMON, Level 8, Spirit Sync Dragon! (Stats, 2500 ATK, 2000 DEF, Type: Dragon, Attribute LIGHT). I set 2 card's face down and end my Turn!" Tyo shouted as he ended his turn. Kysara Stared at him with a clear smirk. 


"Hah, you think your so good, I DRAW, from my hand i Special Summon, my level 5, Cyber Beast Tenken, I can Special Summon this card if i control no monsters, and if i do, i can Special Summon another Cyber Beast Tenken from my Deck. I set the Pendulum scales with Scale 4 Cyber Beast Brotherhood and Scale 6 Cyber Beast Sisterhood in order to Pendulum Summon. Appear My Monster's: Cyber Beast Virus, Cyber Beast Destruction. I overlay my 2 Level 5 Cyber Beast Tenken's

​Cyber Monster who lurks in the background with power ready to pounce on anything in it's way: XYZ Summon, Rank 5, Cyber Beast Leo! (Stats, 2800 ATK, 2000 Def, OU: 2). Now i enter my battle phase, and use my Monster to Attack yours! Go Cyber Beast Leo, Attack! Mechanized Roar! I activate my Monster's effect, by using 1 Overlay Unit, You can't activate card's or card effects until the end of the Turn!" Kysara cackled as her Robotic Lion-esc creature swiped at Tyo's Dragon. "NO!" Tyo roared. Tyo: 3700, Kysara: 4000. 

8 Hours Later!

Tyo woke up to the sound of crashing. There was voices. "Where's the kid, he's on the picture, he should be here!" and "LEAVE TYO ALONE!" and then a sharp crack. Tyo stared in fear. He tip-toed to the door, only to get a surprise that there was something infront of it. "No way, Spirit Sync Dragon!" He whispered in shock as he saw the dragon shielding him from the door. "​Do not go, they want you, i will protect you, grab your disk, put on some clothes and take the balcony to the roof, when you do, you will find a Spell card, activate it, and you will find Your friends!"  The Dragon ordered in a low voice. "O-Ok, i-i-i'll g-go!" Tyo stammered as he got changed grabbed his Disk and ran off


"Field World, Crossover?" He stared puzzedly at the Spell Card. "Oh well, this is gonna be weird!" He said as he activated it. A huge beam of light appeared as he was sucked into it. "I-i'm FALLING!"


To be continued..........


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