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Yugioh Journey Through Kemet, Table of Contents

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A user from the Pojo Forums named Aarikku suggested I posted a summary and table of contents of my work to make it more popular. I did it for my very first fanfic, Yugioh City of Dreams. Now I am doing it for my second, Yugioh Journey Through Kemet (Both went by different names.) I gave every chapter some revision to make the story better. My writing was much more awkward back in the day.

Edited all chapters. Summary of story here:





Heishin, a power hungry general makes a deal with the Devil to get dark magical powers.


Duel 1

Heishin takes over Egypt. His sissy son, Hassan, escapes.


Duel 2

Maya and Jolene go to a rave dance party in Chicago. They get drunk.


Duel 3

Maya fucks up her exhibition duel the way Eminem funked up his rap battle at the start of 8 Mile.


Duel 4

Hassan finds Maya in jail, sends her to Iceland. He thinks she's special because he dreamed about her. Maya and Yukio meet their friendly rival Stella and her teammates. They add a girl named Sophia to their crew to make their own team.


Duel 5 

Matthew makes a deal with the Devil to get magic powers too.


Duel 6

Kaiba and Pegasus host a 12 day tournament in Egypt. Egypt is a dictatorship in a state of chaos, you say? Makes better ratings!


Duel 7

The team goes to Egypt! Maya has her first duel with Seeker, that one guy who used an Exodia Deck.


Duel 8

Maya pwns Seeker.


Duel 9

Maya pwns a pathetic drug addict because she's cheaper than Mr. Krabs. 


Duel 10

Stella and her lesbian life partner Willow duel Yukio and Sophia in a tag team duel. The Saints (Mathias, Maximus, and Ivy), a team of weirdos who love buffalo chicken pizza, call dibs on dueling the winning team.


Duel 11

Sophia feels down because she's a shrinking violet with self-confidence issues. Her teammates give her a pep talk and she proceeds to decimate her opponents.


Duel 12

The Saints pwn Maya and Yukio. 


Duel 13

Pegasus flirts with Kaiba over tea and crumpets. The Saints invite our emo heroes to eat buffalo chicken pizza.


Duel 14

Ghouls turn Assiut into a rave dance party. They kidnap Akira, some annoying Weebo, and Sophia.


Duel 15

Umbra and Lumis, those two annoying Ghouls who are always together, force Akira to duel Maya. Akira is tasteless enough to run Turbo Towers, so Maya makes a quick example of him.


Duel 16

Alexis, Matthew's abused girlfriend, duels Yukio. Alexis is tasteless enough to run Nekroz, so Yukio pwns her.


Duel 17

Bandit Keith is now a Ghoul. He cheats to beat Sophia in a duel and tries to rape her. 


Duel 18

Not every duelist survived the Ghouls' rave dance party, so the survivors stick together in a village. Maya gets angry and jealous over lily white Sophia getting so much sympathy. Yukio calls Maya a jabroni. Maya calls Yukio a failed manchild. All three make up by the end of the chapter.


Duel 19

Yukio duels Weevil, also known as bug boy.


Duel 20

Yukio squashes bug boy.


Duel 21

Maya duels Rex, also known as dino dork.


Duel 22 

Maya tears dino dork a new cloaca. 


Duel 23

Sophia duels Mathias, the wannabe walking meme generator.


Duel 24

Sophia turns Mathias into a lolcow.


Duel 25

Hassan grows a pair and goes back to Egypt to give his country back to the people.


Duel 26

Maya and Yukio get down but you can't see any of it because 4Kids.


Duel 27

Ghouls commence rave dance party #2 in Luxor.


Duel 28

Back in Chicago, two Ghouls invite Jolene and JC to the rave dance party. Jolene and JC say no.


Duel 29

Seeker tries to beat Mathias. Dies.


Duel 30

Maya and Yukio, Yugioh's best dysfunctional couple by far, duel Umbra and Lumis. They get into a catfight and nearly lose.


Duel 31 

Maya and Yukio divorce... then get back together to pwn Umbra and Lumis. 


Duel 32

Keith tries to rape Sophia again. Sophia has enough and rapes him instead.


Duel 33

Heishin kidnaps Maya and pushes her down a pit to get the story's MacGuffin. Fails.


Duel 34

Maya lies at the bottom of a pit for 3 days contemplating suicide. She decides to be the next Messiah instead.


Duel 35

After escaping a deep, dirty pit, Maya takes a hot bath and gets some well-needed nap time. Hassan, the Saints, and Maya go to Cairo to defeat Heishin. The Saints beat up Matthew and Alexis because those two little prep school shits are more annoying than Jaden is. Maya shoots Heishin in the head.


Duel 36 (Post merged, so it has 2 chapters.) 

Maya feels bad about killing a cruel dictator, an action that saved thousands of lives. Hassan, tired of everyone's bullshit, sends all duelists to the airport to deport them. Our heroes get back together to get ready for the finals.


















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