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What cards should I add to my deck?

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I made a deck archetype called "Spiritech", it consists of Machine/Spirit monsters (some are Spirit/Thunder). The playing style is is swarming and tribute summoning. It's "special effect" is swarming with "Spiritech Tokens" (Machine-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 500/DEF 1500) and turning traps into flip monsters. Some monsters even possess the ability to take control of an opponents monster renaming it "Spiritech Puppet." The main card of this deck is "Spiritech Endoskeleton" in which there is spiritech endoskeleton A, B, and C (so I can have 9 endoskeletons instead of 3.) The weaknesses of this deck are most likely: "Imperial Iron Wall" (because to activate effects, Spiritech monsters must banish something) and "Remove Brainwashing." Any ideas for cards to add to this deck?

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