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40-Card Skull Servant Deck

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3x Skull Servant
3x King of the Skull Servants

3x Wightprince
3x Wightprincess
3x Wightmare
3x The Lady in Wight

3x Shiranui Solitare
3x Uni-Zombie
3x Mezuki
1x Mathmatician

1x Kuribandit

2x Instant Fusion

2x Future Fusion

2x Burial From a Different Dimension

1x Solemn Judgement

1x Solemn Warning

3x Solemn Strike



2x Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon

2x Thousand-Eyes Restrict

1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1x PSY-Frame Omega

1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionic, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1x Topologic Bomber Dragon
2x Linkuriboh

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