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Way Back Wednesday #1 (Brand New Man by Brooks & Dunn)

Face McShooty

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In June of 1991, we were introduced to the duo Brooks & Dunn through this song... little did we as country fans at that time know how BIG B&D would get! The lyrics are telling the woman he's in love with made him a "Brand New Man". I could go on and on about B&D, but I just wanna enjoy this beautiful debut single from these two.


This song started a trend for B&D, winning countless "Duo of the Year" awards across all country award shows, having won Vocal Duo of the Year (ACM Awards) every year from 1991-2009, that's 18 awards under just one association!


Hope you guys keep checking out my Way Back Wednesdays I will be doing (hopefully) once a week, if not every other week. I may miss a week here and there due to work, but it'll all be worth it once I start getting a good groove going... Here's a hint at what the next Way Back Wednesday will be, can you guess the song/artist?


[spoiler=Hint for next Way Back Wednesday]

I was a kid when Elvis died

And my Momma cried



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