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Effect Monster


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Hey, kids! Ever wish you could just play a card and stop a duel? No, I don't mean winning instantly, or losing instantly. I mean just bringing the entire duel to a screeching halt. Well, now you can! Introducing "Effect Monster", the monster that will probably be on the ban list by the time you finish reading this sentence! Just get some tribute fodder, summon the monster, and enjoy watching the referee descend into madness as he tries to figure out what brought him to this point in his life!


Effect Monster! Because dueling's for nerds anyways!




[spoiler=Effect Monster]


Effect Monster

Attribute: DIVINE

Level: 12

Type: Type/Effect


Negate the effect of any card that would negate this card's effects, and if you do, destroy that card. Negate the effect of any card whose effect would destroy this card, and if you do, destroy that card. When this card is summoned or flipped face-up, negate its effects.






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Kinda depends on how many times the first effect is allowed to loop on itself. The second effect about preventing its own destruction would never take effect since the first effect would only destroy this card after it negates its other effects, but first it has to get past the fact that it negates any effects that would negate its own effects, creating an infinite loop of negating the previous effect, only to be negated by the effect, which is in turn negated by itself, which is then negated by itself again, and so on. Unless there's a ruling on such things that ends that kind of infinite loop.

Of course, I just realized that it says "When this card is summoned or flipped face-up, negate its effects", not "After this card is summoned or flipped..." When trying to decide which effect takes precedence between two cards that negate each other's effects, like Jinzo and Skill Drain, the effect that was on the field first usually takes precedence, so this monster would probably just lose all of its other effects the moment it came out, and the loop would never happen. Whoops...

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