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Timelord Support Field Spell


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The Timelord archetype is one of my favorite archetypes in this game, and I figured that a field spell for them would potentially help to at least make them a little more viable. This field spell is meant to protect them from being tributed by Kaijus and Ra Sphere Mode, as well as to get them onto your field a little faster. 


The card text reads:

All "Timelord" monsters you control cannot be Tributed. Once per turn, during either player's turn (Quick Effect: You can discard one card; Special Summon one "Timelord" monster from your deck, ignoring it's summoning conditions. If this card would be destroyed by a card effect, you can send one "Timelord" monster from the field to GY instead.


Note: I would like to clarify that this was meant to only summon Timelords with 0 ATK, I just forgot to add that on the card text. I will change it in the image if necessary. Any comments and critiques are appreciated.

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