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Junior Reaper


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Card Description:
Junior Reaper
DARK/Level 4/Zombie/ Effect

When Junior Reaper attacks, you may look at top card of your deck. You may reveal any number of spell cards from your hand, top of your deck or that you have face down on the field to have Junior Reaper gain 400atk for each until your next turn. Send all revealed cards to your GY at the beggining of your next turn.

ATK 1600/DEF 800


Hey everyone! So I'm kind of a returning player, both to Yugioh Card Maker and Yugioh in general (haven't been on in almost a decade now...) and I started working on this baby-themed set or cards which revolve a lot around spells and ritual monsters (with some nice infant flavor mixed in :P ).

This is one of the cards of the set, not the first one but I think one of the more general of the bunch so I wanted to put it up for you guys to look over since at the moment I have little to no sense of power level with yugioh cards, plus my wording may be a bit outdated in some areas.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all, and I guess bring it on? Hehe...

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