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The Fate of Aya: A DND style RP (Still Accepting, Club members get first dibs))

Aqua Girl

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                                                                                                           The Fate of Aya



1.  All YCM forum rules apply

2. I am god

4. No flaming, spamming, or negativity.

5. A player is allowed 1 character, besides me obv since I control the npc's

6. This RP shall be accepting 6 applicants. 

7. This is a PVE RP not PVP

8. There will be a fb chat, you can ask to be added to the chat.

9. Have fun! <.<

10. Your attacks against the Enemies you face in this RP will be decided by a D20 die roll. If you beat the threshold you win the exchange. Critical 1 and Nat 20 can most rolls can sway the outcome of the story. Enemies I don't intend you to beat can be bested if the roll I make is good enough(or bad enough in the case of the enemy.) This is to prevent boring power play on my npc enemies and to make it more interesting..




[spoiler= Setting]

Long, long ago, the land of Aya was shrouded in dark shadows evil invincible phantasms that corrupted the 7 nations whispering evil thoughts in the hearts of man and beast fracturing the races. The world was wild with evil monsters and savage demi-humans, solely the seat of humanity, the kingdom of Nixys stood against the darkness loosing ground year after year. Then chaos struck the kingdom, the princess Iy'landia, heir to the throne and said to be the sole light of goodness in the world had vanished from the kingdom. In truth the magical advisor to the king had stolen her away in to the night and cast her off of the castle walls to kill the young girl. The treacherous fiend had hoped by killing the princess the kingdom would crumble and the world would fall fully to the dark phantoms and he would gain the power to rule the world that the darkness had promised him. The princess by some miracle had not died from the assassination attempt. Though she was a kindhearted and almost too entirely trusting of others was smart and tried to through some serious effort on a severely sprained ankle found a large stick to lean on and found her way to the main gate. But was turned away by the guards who assumed the princess was just an illusion made by the shadows in an attempt to breach the city. Out on her own Iy'landia decided she needed to find some safety before the darkness came and took away her life finishing what the evil advisor had tried to do, with little time left near dusk Iy'landia Found a cave. Esset, that name made bile grow in her throat she needed to return and protect her father from her would be murderer. Iy'landia's heart stopped cold as a low growl echos from deeper in the cave. A wolf-man and female rushed at her pining the small girl to the ground their mouths opened only to stop just short of her neck as Iy'landias chest glowed the brightest white and the beasts reared back  in shock, their once slit eyes grew a softness to them and stood and watched as Iy'landia covered her face with her arms. When the death blow did not come Iy'landia  lowered her arms to see the wolf man and female siting quietly. Before the question could leave her mouth the male opened his mouth and spoke what was thought impossible by demi-humans. they explained that her heart glowed with such a brilliant light. But the conversation was cut short by the Inhuman and vile hiss of a shadow thing as it pried open the branches that covered the cave entrance. The wolf couple got between Iy'landia and the thing, the light in her heart pulsing brightly. The thing lurched forward confidently fixated on the light wanting nothing more than to consume it. But the wolves Bit and clawed away at the thing doing real damage, in shock the shadow thing ran in fear at what should be impossible. Iy'landia realized that this mysterious light had the power to help others hurt the shadow things. The thought occurred to her what if she wasn't the only one. She turned to the Beastmen and asked if they had leaders, they did not like the idea but relented to the one that helped fend off the shadow thing. The Beastmen helped Iy'landia meet with the royalty, and upon showing her light the other princess' chest began to glow a pink color and was consumed with happiness. Iy'landia knew then what she had to do. After a year or more of adventuring beseeching the other races and showing the light she had and her desire to fight the darkness that had taken their land. After so long away her kingdom had fallen completely to darkness, the gates lay open and the citizens hidden away. Iy'landia now a young woman of 16 and a half stormed her old castle there on the throne was Esset shrouded in so much dark magic it was overbearing to the young woman, she was alone the whispers said so, they were together more powerful than she. As the light in her chest started to dim, a hand touched her shoulder. It was The beast princess her oldest friend with a bright smile, the light in Iy'landia's chest flared bright looking back seeing the other 5 girls and knew she was not alone! Humans, Best-men, Dragon-men, undead, Elfkin, Angels, And Demons alike With her 6 new friends the seven princesses came forward bearing their hearts, crystallized forms of the creator's power. The spheres burst forwards from their chests and circle the clustered power of the darkness forming a binding that sealed away the darkness for so long as the princesses and their decedents remained friends





The Shadows that covered the world were sealed but not before sending the Evil Wizard Esset away to bide time and to undo the seal. Its 1000 years later and through much subterfuge and deceit has manage to hold the princesses decedents far from each other and instill deep anti-social character flaws. He has formed a large empire in the center of the continent where the seven kingdoms connect. The Dark wizard has 14 knights that watch over each Kingdom to ensure there is no uprisings. The characters will follow Zacharias(or Zack as he likes to go by) to find and free the princesses and their hearts. Can you and Zack save the Princess' hearts before Esset can free his masters? The time of the seal breaking draws ever closer and the Goddess who protects the world has chosen 7 to save the princesses and defeat the Dark wizard!



[spoiler= Codex]


Races are just for flavor

-Humans: Black White Asian you name it we got it


-Beastmen: Very blunt and to the point. Any half human / half Beast(kitsune, werewolf, cat girl, lizard men you name it)


-Dragon: Proud noble and obnoxious. They have varying forms, but pcs are restricted to humanoid forms, from bipedal dragonoid that are huge but not dragon size, to barely any scales but horns and tail mandatory.


-Undead: Often over looked as mindless and bloodthirsty they are a very prejudiced group for those stereotypes. Zombies vampires mummies oh my.


-Elfkin: Bruh its Elves you know what it do.


-Angels: Descendants from the true celestial beings they take their name.


-Demons: Descendants of their namesake often look evil but often than not they are as varied as humans.




[spoiler= Magic Types]

You can be as creative as you want with these and how you use them.












-Skill"(kind of skill only1)"(Non magic users)





[spoiler= Accepted Apps]

[spoiler=Zacharias Etyn]

Character Name: Zacharias Etyn

Race: Human

Age: 15

Sex: M

Appearance: [spoiler=pic]Fw6RWA5.png

Zack is about 5'5 well built.


Personality: Zack is always being picked on at school for being shorter than the other kids, because of which he has a hero complex throwing himself head first in to reckless situations. Hes kindhearted deep down and always willing to help those that need it. Kid can out eat a trash compacter and have room for seconds. absolutely clueless to gender boundaries, often asking questions of girls or doing things considered risque.

Backstory: Hes in HS, Has a zombie friend, named Mira. His father taught him how to fight.

(I expect more from you guys tbh. More of Zacks story and character will be revealed as it goes on, hes an npc this is just an example for you.)

Magic Ability: Skill"Brawler"

Weapon: Fists

Misc: nope







[spoiler= App]

Character Name:

Race: (Choose one of the options given)



Appearance: (An image with slight description or 4 lines of description. Spoiler)

Personality: (Two Paragraphs min.  Spoiler)

Backstory: (Tell us what your character is all about. The more the better.)

Magic Ability: (Choose one of the options given.)

Weapon: (Your character's weapon of choice. Put a backstory for your weapon if you want.)

Misc: (Anything you want to let us know about)



If you need to ask any questions do so and ill get to you asap.

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