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New scrap link. What it does for the deck?


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Well it doesn't make them meta or anything but it does do wonders for the deck. Its 2 effects harmonize perfectly in how they complement each other. The first effect is a monster reborn at the expense of destroying a card which might seem a bit harsh at first but it combos with the other effect and other cards to the point where it gives you good field presence. The second effect is basically scrap factory which is no doubt amazing and this time the destruction can be in either player's field giving you a good plus for going second. Of course you'll more likely than not summon golem with this effect who will further facilitate field presence and let you go go into strong synchros and links and even some xyz. Of course if you have factory on field the pluses just go through the roof and you can indeed chain scrap storm to destroy a scrap before your link does to avoid the minus.


But enough rumbling around about things that you can probably figure out already. Let's talk about how this link affects the main deck. First of all, possibly the biggest change is that scrap recycler (a card never run before due to the surprising lack of machines in the deck) now becomes a staple 3 of as its machine foolish effect makes it a one card combo to make the link by sending crystron rosenix/mecha phantom beast o-lion/jet synchron. After you make the link you can already guarantee multiple monsters on the field for extra deck plays as you can just revive recycler pop it special golem pop something summon recycler back who can send something else to extend plays further. Any better luck with your opening hand and you can make some decent boards. Also scrap shark probably isn't as needed now as recycler is a better option overall. A cool tech that can definitely be used is chronograph sorcerer as the deck can now trigger him a lot more consistently and he provides much needed swarming, aslo playing a copy of timegazer magician is a good idea if you don't open well enough to trigger your chronograph and since the scrap link is semi-generic you will most likely get to it from there. So all in all this link does wonders for the deck definitely one of the better ones that were revealed for link vrains pack 2.

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