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Troublemaking Sophie & Troublesome Night


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Artwork for both: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=988362


[spoilersRitual Monster & Spell]


Troublemaking Sophie (Psychic/LIGHT/Level 1/Ritual/Effect/ATK 500/DEF 500)

You can Ritual Summon this card with "Troublesome Night". Must be Ritual Summoned. You can only Ritual Summon "Troublemaking Sophie" once per turn. If this card is Ritual Summoned: Pay LP in multiples of 500 (max. 5000), then excavate a number of cards from the top of your Deck equal to each 500 LP you paid, and either add 1 excavated card to your hand, send 1 excavated card to the GY, or banish 1 excavated card, also place the rest on the bottom of your Deck in any order. You cannot activate a card/effect with the same original name as a card added to your hand, sent to your GY, or banished by this effect the turn you activate this effect. Once while face-up on the field (Quick Effect): You can declare the original name of 1 card that was added to your hand, sent to your GY, or banished by this card's preceding effect; replace this effect with that declared card's effect(s), until the End Phase.



Troublesome Night (Ritual Spell)

This card is used to Ritual Summon "Troublemaking Sophie" from your hand, Deck, or GY. You must also Tribute exactly 1 monster with 3000 or more original ATK that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. If this card is in your GY: You can banish this card, then target 1 "Troublemaking Sophie" you control; it gains ATK equal to the total amount of LP you paid previously this turn, until the End Phase. You can only use each effect of "Troublesome Night" once per turn.



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