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Transformers Cyberverse

Astro Dude

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Imagine another new Transformers series with classic character designs, new voice work and some third thing. That is basically Transformers Cyberverse in a nutshell.


The story is your basic setup, all-powerful maguffin is sent to earth, Autobots must retrieve it before the Decepticons do.


In it is the vastly popular Windblade, the City Speaker from the 2017 Robots in Disguise, and the Machinima trilogy along with Bumblebee, who can talk through the radio like in the Bay movies (I liked the first one only, but haven't seen 5.) As they try to escape Decepticon pursuit while probing through Bumblebee's jumbled memories to find the Arc.


My favorite episodes are Macadam's where Bee recalls a time when they hung out at a bar run by Macadam, an ancient Autobot who doesn't allow fighting in his establishment. Another is Matrix of Leadership where Bee has to view three memories of Optimus Prime's heroism.


Anyway, discuss if you'd like.

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