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"The Story of Evil" The plot of A novel I'm working on, inspired by Mothy's Story of Evil.


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Okie so, Ive wanted to do this for a while now, but wasnt exactly sure about if I should or not seeing as how I dont own the characters or the story itself. But then I thought, no one who uses vocaloids own them, and as long as I credit the original maker, I could do this. So, thats what Im doing.


Now, what I'm doing, is writing out Mothy's series of songs into a novel format. It will be done in the form of multiple books, each book a different character perspective. The specific song series Im using, is the "Story of Evil" arrangement. I love this story, and would like to see it written out like one. So thats what I aim to do.


However, I may need to take some creative liberties, since not everything is explained via the songs. Like, why exactly were Len and Rin seperated at birth? Its never answered, but I will non-canonically answer it. Think of it like, a fangame kinda thing.


Anywho, without further ado, the plot:



The “main character” so to speak, is Rin Kagamine, and she starts out as a princess born into a royal family with her twin brother. A prophecy tells of the fact that the two will cause the kingdom to fall if they are allowed to stay together. So their parents agree to seperate them, leaving her as the princess with her mother, and her brother as a peasant with her father. Years pass, and her brother returns, but she doesnt know its her brother. She hires him as her servant, and he vows to protect her no matter what. When she falls in love with a prince, she sets her heart on him, but finds out the prince loves another princess. Full of jealousy, she sends her servant to kill the other princess, and her army to destroy the princess’s kingdom and ppl. Her own kingdom, tired of her tyranny and now this act of careless and reckless war, charge through the castle, taking advantage of the battle-worn soldiers, and overthrow the princess in an act of revolution. She is thrown into prison for a day, and the next morning, they behead her at 3 in the evening. Her “brother” stands in the crowd, watching in disbelief, crying about how he couldnt keep his vow, before running off, away from town. But this wasnt actually her brother. This was her. Her brother had foreseen the riot coming, told her that they were twins, and told them to swap clothes, so he could take her place when they stormed in, and in the end he would be keeping his vow. She agreed, and now she is running before ppl learn the truth. She runs and runs till she reaches a woodland, with a huge tree in the middle. An outcast lived in this tree, and took pity on this girl, like she did with a previous guest (it happened to be the other princess btw). They got along fine, and eventually moved to a chapel near the ocean. Rin repented for her actions, filled with regret and sadness and grief over her brother. One day, she went into the confession box late at night, and confessed to God all of her sins, asking for forgiveness, but the other girl had overheard. The other girl immediately recognized Rin to be the “Daughter of Evil” who sent the order to kill her friend, but kept silent. That is, until one day, when Rin couldnt handle her grief anymore, and went to the oceanside with a message in a bottle. She went there clinging to an old folktale, that said if u write a wish and place it in a bottle then send it out to see, theres a chance it may come true. Her wish, was to bring her brother back to life. As she sat in the waves crying and watching the wish float away, the other girl stood behind her, knife in hand. The girl was about to strike down on Rin, when she stopped dead in her tracks. She couldnt kill her, cuz seeing her like this reminded her of when she was lonely, and she couldnt kill someone so close in similarity to herself. So instead, she accepted the apology and confession she had overheard the other night, and lived out her life with Rin. Rin became a nun, raising kids in the chapel for the Lord. And on her deathbed, the kids gathered around her, and asked what her final wish be before she died. Rin simply replied: “If all my sins have truly been forgiven, then my wish is to see the response to the letter I sent a long time ago.” The kids were confused and set out to get some information about her the next day. They found out who she was, and one kid made a fake response letter for her, and she read it, then smiled before passing away.


(There is also a bit of story here where I could have both Rin and her twin brother come back to life in another universe, but that might be a bit too much)




Lemme know your thoughts. If u know the story, tell me if Im missing somn important. If u dont know the story, feel free to suggest little things that might make it work smoother.

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